(Updated on 11/01/2017)



  • Mumbai's blue dogs - VIDEO - 15 August 2017
    "Animal rights campaigners say they know why some of the city's stray dogs have suddenly gone blue."


  • India marks 70 years of independence in New Delhi - VIDEO - 15 August 2017
    "Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi addressed his nation from Delhi’s Red Fort as India prepared to mark the 70th anniversary of independence."



  • The Wagah Border Closing Ceremony - Article + Video - 2 January 2016
    "At the town of Wagah, a major road crosses the border between India and Pakistan.
    Every evening at sunset, they hold a ceremony to officially close the crossing for the night...
    The border security forces of India and Pakistan have been doing the Beating Retreat ceremonysince 1959.
    If you liked this video, you’ll love this Fevikwik advertisement that uses the Wagah ceremony as its backdrop.  "





  • Mahatma Gandhi, The Salt March, The Dandi March - Story for Children ""
    "About this story: Learn about "The Salt March" also called the "The Dandi march", a non violent protest organized by Mahatma Gandhi.
    This event later became a turning point in the history of the Indian independence movement."


  • India's Trailblazers: The female bouncer - 28 May 2013 
    "India and the country's attitude towards women have been in the spotlight for some months, following a series of violent assaults.
    But far from seeing themselves as potential victims, some Indian women are breaking into industries usually dominated by men.
    BBC News spoke to one woman, Sunita, who works as a nightclub bouncer."

  • Indian stuntwoman 'proud' to break stereotypes
    "For the past few months India has been in the spotlight for a series of violent assaults on women - but some females are challenging stereotypes and breaking into areas normally dominated by men.
    Sanobar Pardiwala works as a stunt woman in the movie industry."