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  • 26 Facts about Magic - mental_floss List Show Ep. 436
    "Our distant ancestors took a magician’s tricks at face value and were either amazed or outraged that these showmen would harness the demonic arts. Today, we enjoy illusions and magic tricks as skillful entertainment. How did they do that? There’s a lot involved. Not only is there the basic trick, but the magician’s patter, eye contact, and pacing affect how well the trick works. Elliot Morgan has some facts about not only how magic works but also the history of the art and other neat tidbits about magic, in this week’s episode of the mental_floss List Show."


  • 15 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the World
    "From hieroglyphs indecipherable even today to stories of hikers found dead in unexplainable positions, we count 15 mysteries that have yet to been solved or even understood."




  • Shocking scenes

    Behind Closed Doors
    "Troubled by his conflicting parents and haunted by the monster that dwells in his bedroom closet, Gregory, an anxious timid young boy must confront his demons and defeat the true threat that exists behind closed doors."



  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Mickey
    It "tells the story of an apprentice who cannot control the magic that he has tried to use, with Mickey Mouse in the role of the apprentice."

    The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    "The Sorcerer's Apprentice is the English name of Goethe's poem Der Zauberlehrling (1797)...
    Goethe, in turn, had got the idea from Lucian's story of Philopseudes."

    General plot :
    "The tale begins as an old sorcerer departs his workshop, leaving his apprentice with chores to perform.
    The apprentice tires of fetching water for a bath or tank, and enchants a broomstick to do the work for him, using magic he is not yet fully trained in..."




  • Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak (YouTube)


    Where the Wild Things Are
    "The book is about the imaginary adventures of a young boy named Max, who is punished for "making mischief" by being sent to his room without supper..."
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  • Ghosts of Albion : Embers - Animation (BBC)

    Ghosts of Albion
    "Created by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden, the story is about the Swift siblings, Tamara and William, the descendants of a wealthy early Victorian era London family. Tamara is a budding novelist (specializing in pulp horror novels, or "penny dreadfuls") and Williamis an architect's apprentice. One night in 1838 they are called to their ailing grandfather's bedside. There he tells them that while he may have seemed to be another stage magician, he is actually a mystical soldier who protects Albion, the mystical spirit of Britain. William and Tamara at first do not believe him, until he is suddenly slaughtered before their eyes by werewolves, and their father is possessed by a demon. Before dying, their grandfather had told the two that they are to carry on his legacy as protectors of Albion...."