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  • What kind of Asian are you? - a worksheet created by Muriel O'Mahony (Ac. Montpellier) - Niveau A2-B1
    "In this video, What Kind of Asian are you?, a friendly jogger is very interested in guessing the heritage of Stella."


  • US Student Filmmakers Fight Racial Stereotypes - Text + Audio + Video - 30 July 2015
    "Three high school students in Maryland explore the problems that can result from having beliefs about people based only on their race.
    The film project is based on minority students talking about their thoughts and experiences.
    The producers show the film in classrooms and hold discussions after."



  • How do you distinguish Americans?
    "This video contains the stereotypes toward America and doesn't necessarily reflect the views of the interviewees or interviewer."












  • Stereotypes: What are the ... like?
    There are 4 videos to deal with (with interactive exercises and games) :
    - What are the Germans like according to the British?
    - What are the Germans like according to the Americans?
    - What are the British like?
    - What are the Americans like?












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