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  • Shopping for clothes
    "Listen to the conversation between a customer and a shop assistant and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills."

  • Market for Illegally-Made Goods Reaches $460 Billion - Text + Audio - 30 April 2016
    "An organization that studies economic and social issues says the international trade in counterfeit goods is rising.
    The OECD warns that some of these products can endanger the public and might even finance terrorists or criminal groups."


  • English phrases to use when shopping - Speak English!
    "Here are some English phrases to help you when you go shopping, as well as ... for all the English phrases on this page — simply click on any phrase to hear it.
  • Mixer 141 - Shopping Online
    "Listen to the Mixer crew talks about their thoughts on shopping online."
    Transcript + Audio Slide Show + Vocabulary



    • Candice : differences between French and English groceries
      by  Candice (an English woman living in France)
      Candice talks about shopping and eating habits in England and in France.

    • Candice : specific English products
      by  Candice (an English woman living in France)
      Candice details the specific English products that she sells in her grocery
      and that you can't usually find in France.

    • Candice : what I sell in my grocery
      by  Candice (an English woman living in France)
      Candice talks about the products that sell very well in her shop,
      especially at Christmas.
    • Candice : my English grocery in France
      by  Candice (an English woman living in France)
      Candice introduces herself and talks about what she sells in her grocery.


  • BASIC LISTENING ACTIVITIES - Shopping Centers : Malls and Department Stores
    (Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab -

  • Haggling
    "If you argue with someone in a shop or market over the price of something, we call this haggling.
    Although it isn't the custom in the UK to haggle every time we shop, it is something we do for very cheap things... or very expensive things.
    Don't forget to practise what you've learned with the listening activity..."



  • Added Grocery Shopping
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises II. Listening Exercises III. Vocabulary IV. Post-Listening Exercises
    "In this conversation, a man picks up a few groceries at the store, but his wife is really surprised by his purchases, and the man receives a big shock at the end of this conversation."



  • Shopping malls - They Transform 'The Geography of Shopping' (

  • Everyday English in Conversation - Listening
    Eating / Emotions / Fashion / Friendship / Health / Housing / Life / Memory / Money /
    Romance /
    Shopping / Time / Traveling / Vacation / Weather / Work
    (Focus English)
  • Portobello Road.
    " It is especially famous for its Saturday market.
    We'll hear from a trader there and look at the language of markets and shopping.
    You can download the programme script and an mp3 version."


  • The shopping trip - AUDIO activities
    "I've spent a lot of money recently! Find out what I spent it on by doing these four exercises..."
    (Caroline Brown English Lessons)

  • Harrods - AUDIO
    "It is one of the biggest and best known department stores in London
    and attracts customers from all over the world.
    In this programme we find out how Harrods grew from being a small shop to a department store
    which offers a huge range of goods and why it prides tself on being "a theatre of retail."
    - with the script and a quiz



  • Word Groups - Places - Stores and Shops
    "Click on the audio symbol... to begin the pronunciation examples.
    You will hear each word pronounced followed by a pause for you to repeat the word. The list of words is repeated twice."

  • Listening Quizzes : A Customer Request (

  • Shopping and Money (with exercises) - (
    - Numbers 1 (E)
    - Numbers 2 (E)
    - Prices (E)
    - Shopping for the Day (E)
    - Telephone Recording (E)
    - Rental Shop (E)
    - Radio Commercial (M)
    - A Great Car Deal (M)
    - Christmas is Coming! (M)
    - Street Market (D)
    - Rental Shop (D)
    - Money Matters (D)
    - Store Returns (M)
    - Internet Access (D)
  • Shopping - Welcome to London (BBC)

    • Listen 1: Buying a pair of shoes

    • Listen 2: Buying some jeans
    • Read 1: Where to shop in London
    • Read 2: Oxford Street crime
    • Speak 1: Using the schwa sound when asking for things

  • On the Phone (with exercises) : Telemarketing (D) - (


  • Directions 1 (easy) - Révision des prépositions et des magasins (

    Directions 3 (medium) - Révision des prépositions

    Directions 2 (difficult) - Utilisation des prépositions





  • A shopping role play - intermediate level
    "The task of going shopping along a typical British high street.
    Half the class have shopping lists and the other half own a shop..."


  • Money & Shopping (

  • How Much Is It?: 3 Activities plus Vocabulary Support for Shopping.
    "This unit contains an information gap, a walk-and-talk, and a role-play, as well as numerous vocabulary worksheets."



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