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    "Voici une série de 49 exercices qui vous permettront de réviser le vocabulaire du commerce et de la vente."

  • What can you buy in a sports shop ?
    - Un powerpoint pour introduire le vocabulaire nécessaire pour mettre en oeuvre "Action time"
    la leçon de New Enjoy English 5ème, Book 2 Lesson 2 "Let's go shopping"
    Créé par Mélanie Yevnine Bassène du Sénégal
  • Let's go shopping!
    - Un powerpoint qui utilise la leçon de New Enjoy English 5ème, Book 2 Lesson 2 "Let's go shopping" (The price tags) qui réutilise le vocabulaire étudié, l'expression du souhait ("I'd like...") et "how much is / are"
    Créé par Mélanie Yevnine Bassène du Sénégal




  • Specialist Shops - "Click on the buttons until you find the correct answer."
    ex : "Where could you buy some chocolate?..."


  • SHOPPING - Multiple-choice exercise (sitasima)

  • Town 1 - Trouvez la bonne traduction. ( + Town 2 )

  • Place names - ex : "If you want to see monkeys, lions, tigers and bears, you would go to the ___." (
  • Shopping Quiz - "Match the shop or store to the objects you want to buy." (
  • Shops and Stores
    1) "Match the shop or store to the objects you want to buy. When appropriate, both American English (US) and British English (GB) have been included. Click on the arrow to see if you have answered correctly."
    2) "Click on the audio symbol... to begin the pronunciation examples. You will hear each word pronounced followed by a pause for you to repeat the word. The list of words is repeated twice."

  • Shopping Matching exercise
    "Click on the drop down boxes and find the word that matches the picture on the left."

  • Shopping (intermediate level) - TRUE OR FALSE? (
  • Test your understanding : Going shopping
    "Click on the "Start Reading" button, you have one minute to read the text. You can read the text more than once.
    When you are ready choose the correct answer for each question."

  • Picture Vocabulary: Grocery Shopping
    "Austen is going grocery shopping. Look at the picture below and answer the questions."

  • Dialogue- Shopping - "Match the questions on the left with the correct answers on the right." (






  • Describing a Supermarket Scene: Level A
    "Students learn supermarket-related vocabulary to write about what they see, who they see, and what people are doing at a supermarket. 
    Students write their own paragraph about a drawing of a supermarket scene.
    A self study lesson calls for students to write a grocery list of 10 items for their next shopping trip."



  • English for Everyday Living - Lessons with activities to print
    Learn the names of the things you see or use every day.
    Learn the sentences you need for everyday situations.
    In the Kitchen - In the Bathroom - In the Bedroom - In the Living Room -
    In the Garage - In the Yard - In the Office - At School - At the Store -
    At the Barbershop - Your Body