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(Updated on 12/05/2016)






  • Sailing by Rod Stewart :
    "I am sailing, I am sailing,
    I am flying, passing high clouds, to be with you,
    to be free."

    with the VIDEO (You Tube)


  • Darren Hayes - Ocean (YouTube) + LYRICS :
    "Even though I know you're gone
    The memory lingers on

    I see your footsteps on a sandy beach

    That waves have been crashing on..."




  • Cocoon - Comets (YouTube) + the LYRICS :
    "While my boat is drifting away
    By the shore of Miami Bay...
    I wish there was a secret
    That you said in your sleep...
    And I wish I was a comet to crash on your field
    Just to be remembered"



  • Octopus's Garden - Classic Sesame Street - with the lyrics :
    "I'd like to be under the sea...
    We would sing and dance around...
    We would be so happy you and me ..."







  • Sink or Swim by Waterdeep :
    "Do I have to stand in this world all alone
    where it's icy cold
    and all the people chime in
    "You've got to sink or swim"?"




  • Song of the Sirens (Song about Greek Mythology) WITH LYRICS
    "Sirens are mysterious female creatures from Greek mythology who lived on an island. Their voices and songs were so magical, that sailors passing by would end up crashing their ships on the rocky coast, and dying as they tried to reach the sirens and their song..."



John William Waterhouse - Ulysses and the Sirens (1891)