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(Updated on 05/07/2016)




Idioms and Proverbs :

  • 55 “House” Idioms
    "The integral nature and the ubiquity of houses in our culture has given rise to a number of idiomatic expressions that include the word house. This post lists such terms."

  • You Can't Go Home Again. And Other 'Home' Expressions. - Text + Audio + Videos - 10 December 2016
    "Home" fills our hearts and our conversations.
    Learn the most common "home" expressions, including the somewhat confusing one: "You Can't Go Home Again"."

  • American Expressions in the Home - Text + Audio
    "Some people enjoy spending a lot of time in their homes to make them nice places to live.
    This is called nesting or cocooning. From couch potatoes to cabin fever - learn some great idioms that have to do with the home."

  • Wise sayings :

    • East, west, home's best. - W.K.Kelly (1859)
    • Home is where the heart is. - J.J. McCloskey (1870)
    • A house divided cannot stand. - Bible (Matthew 12:25)
    • A man's house is his castle. - Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634)
    • Charity begins at home. - Tobias George Smollett (1721-1771)
    • Choose your neighbors before you buy your house. - Hausa (West African)
    • Learning is better than house and land. - David Garrick (1716-1779)
  • It's like talking to a brick wall!


  • Mean Streak by Deep Purple:
    "She drives me crazy gets inside my brain
    She spend my money down a drain"
    (to throw money down the drain)

  • Frankenstein - Sick on the Bus:
    "Vodka pills and powder all money down the drain, I could have been somebody"
    (to throw money down the drain)

  • East, west, home's best.
  • Home is where the heart is.
  • Home, sweet home.
  • Men make houses but women make homes
  • New Flat by Nits:
    "East west home's best
    There's no place like home"
  • Sweep Around Your Own Front Door by Williams Brothers:
    "Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine"
    (Proverb : 'If each would sweep before his own door we should have a clean street.')

  • The Walls Have Ears by Elvis Presley:
    "The walls have ears, ears that hear each little sound you make"

Rhymes :