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  • Kids (toys and hobbies) -
    Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son



  • Games (hobbies)
    Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son



  • Miscellaneous - vocabulary - Use your mouse to see the words + Sound


  • ** Lou : extra curricular activities in the US ** - 1 December 2013
    Lou went to school in the US. She tells us about the activities she chose : the Art Club and the Musical Club.
  • Hobbies (US,1.76Mo )
    (Ac. Reims)
  • Going to a concert
    "Le support d’une séquence montée avec 2 collègues pour nos GAL en 3°. Deux amies parlent d’un concert..."
    Activité 1 : Travail sur les temps, prétérit simple et prétérit en BE + Ving. 
    Activité 2 : Travail sur le questionnement. 
    Activité 3 : Travail sur les formes emphatiques. 
    Activity 4 : Un quiz audio. 
    Activity 5 : Ecoutez et remettez les mots dans l’ordre. 
    Activity 6 : Un mots-croisés pour réviser le vocabulaire.

    (Rodolphe Maurel -


  • Melissa : my hobbies
    "Melissa talks about her extra-school activities and what she does in her free time."


  • Questions with 'like'
    "'Like' is a word frequently used in English. It is used in different ways and in this programme we compare three different uses:
    talking about personality, physical appearance and hobbies.
    In the programme we challenge Lorenzo from Italy to listen to answers and produce the correct question forms."
    + grammar explanation + interactive quiz


  • Camping - Vocabulary with AUDIO (


  • Cartoon Conductor - "Roll the cursor around the cartoon to animate it with images and music!"


  • The Outdoors - a lesson plan
    "Camping, hiking, and fishing. These are just a few activities that people do to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Listen to the words..."
    Vocabulary | Practice | Follow-Up

  • Hobbies and recreation - a lesson proposed by Randall S. Davis with :
    - a list of commonly-used vocabulary with a recording of the words in RealMedia format.
    - a short quiz to test students' comprehension of some of the words,
    - a Follow-Up exercise for expanding students' use of the vocabulary in a conversation with a partner or group.

  • Sports and recreation (with exercises) - (esl-lab) :
    - Enjoying the Zoo (D)
    - Picnic Preparations (M)
    - Dream Team X (D)
    - It's a Home Run (D)
  • Entertainment (with exercises) - (esl-lab) :
    - Likes and Dislikes (E)
    - Good Old Blues (M)
    - Making Invitations (M)
    - Show Times (M)
    - Movie Review (D)
    - Trivia Game Show (D)
    - Space Radio Theater (D)
  • Alfi goes camping - interactive storybook - animated story with sound (easy)