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(Updated on 06/11/2013)


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  • Age Appropriate Chore Charts (
  • Working mothers 'spend three hours on chores every morning' - 5 November 2013
    "Working mothers spend three hours doing household chores before they get to the office - using up the equivalent of calories as an hour-long bicycle ride.
    Packing in activities such as ironing, making the bed and brushing their children's hair means they use up about 500 calories.
    Six in ten women say their day is already well underway by 7am and rarely slows until they go to bed just before 11pm."




  • 5 Habits of Very Successful People - Text + Audio + Pictures + Quiz - 9 October 2017
    "Here are five ideas on how to start your day off right."

    "On the left is Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of,
    and on the right is Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp. chairman and chief software architect."

  • What does the Queen have for breakfast? A day in the life of Her Majesty
    "From her first sip of tea to slipping off the royal slippers at night, we reveal the daily routine of our longest reigning monarch…"

  • 'Writuals' - scribes reveal daily routines
    "Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw and Roald Dahl did it in sheds at the bottom of the garden.
    Shaw's desk was famously on castors, so he could turn it throughout the day to get maximum light.
    Dahl even had one of his own hip bones sitting on the desk. Every writer will have their own ritual.
    Kerry McKittrick examines the modus operandi of some of Ireland's favourite writers and asks: What are your Writuals?"


  • The Queen’s Piper
    "Here is a typical weekday morning for Queen Elizabeth II while in residence at Buckingham Palace in London."

  • The Stats on Slacking - 14 August 2012
    "The average American worker slacks off about 1.7 hours per work day.
    Almost half of them spent this time unproductively on the Internet, 1/5th socialized instead of worked…"


  • Time use - A day in the life - How do people spend their time? - 19 April 2011
    - a chart that compares and contrasts this kind of data among different countries.


  • A Day in the Life of a Korean Student
    "Korean students are smart. They consistently rank among the top performing students in the world, especially in math, but it’s no surprise, given their study habits and sheer relentlessness...
    The following is my attempt to describe a typical day in the life of a fictional Korean middle school student..."






  • Pressure of housework can be bad for the heart - 19 January 2011
    "Researchers in the US have discovered that in busy people housework such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, and even budgeting,
    can raise blood pressure. Those at greatest risk are the people who believe they are doing most of the work."




  • Robot to help with housework - 5 November 2013
    "At last, scientists have designed a robot that really can help with the housework...
    In a test, he managed to sort out piles of towels of different sizes, colours and materials.  "

    - with a video







  • Boy guilty of shooting his mother - 4 January 2009
    "A 12-year-old boy has been found guilty in the United States of murdering his mother following a row over his household chores...
    According to prosecutors, the shooting happened after the boy had argued with his mother over chores.
    He got a pistol from a bedroom cupboard and shot Sara Madrid repeatedly."




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