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  • Top dos and don'ts for job interviews - Article + Video
    "As research suggests the first 12 words uttered are the most important, we look at why when it comes to job interviews it's the little things that really make a difference."



  • The interview - with AUDIO
    "Have you been for an interview for a job? Did you enjoy it or were you very nervous? What does this person find difficult?
    Find out by doing these four exercises..."

    (Caroline Brown Listening Lessons)




  • A job interview - "Read the dialogue and then answer the questions."
  • Job interview - texte suivi d'un exercice (True ? / False ?)




  • What should I wear at the office ? - PowerPoint Presentation
    Created by Agnès Pihuit Imbert
    Diaporama sur la tenue vestimentaire à éviter pour son entretien d'embauche.
    (Ac. Nantes)







  • Job Interview Questions Candidates Should Be Asking
    "After you have sent your resume to an employer you may be invited to a job interview. But many applicants spend time preparing for the questions they might be asked instead of thinking of some questions to ask the employer. Asking questions will show you are interested in the role and the organisation. Watch this video from Resume Surgeon for some question ideas or go to"


  • Job Interview Questions Best Interview Tips
    "Job Interview Questions Best Interview Tips - Interview questions for a job are important for two reasons.
    1) The job interview questions asked by the employer.
    2) The job interview questions asked by the job applicant.
    Unfortunately, most job interviewees have no clue what questions to ask the interviewer..."



  • You're Hired: Episode 4
    "Follow the fortunes of Daniel in his search for a new job.
    This episode, Daniel goes for an interview and makes some classic mistakes.
    Watch the episode and do the activities to find out what he does wrong and how you can avoid making mistakes when you are looking for a job."

    + Transcript



  • "How Would you Describe your Ideal Job?" Interview Question and Answer
    "A common interview question is: "How would you describe your ideal job -- your ideal work environment?"
    Let's have a look at good answers to this question. An ideal job (workplace) provides professional progress, creative satisfaction, and stability.
    So what is the ideal job: an interesting job? A job where you can use creative abilities? 
    Is an ideal workplace a place that gives enough space and helps employees to grow?
    Read On.."




  • Going For An Interview - VIDEOS
    "Job interviews can be tense situations especially if you get a curve ball question thrown at you.
    The best way to ace an interview is to be prepared and know what types of questions to expect to be asked, as well ask what types of questions are illegal for employers to ask prospective employees.
    Let our expert advice guide you into the job you’ve been dreaming of."

  • Jobs & Careers - Videos
    "You will find a range of information from how to find a job to succeeding at interview.
    We have spoken to numerous professionals from a variety of backgrounds on their careers."
  • Job Interview: I Want to Learn (ESL)
    "This example of a good job interview uses common interview questions and English conversation that is basic enough for intermediate English Language Learners to follow, with or without captions."



  • Fun English Lesson 35 - Job Interview
    "Learn how to form polite questions in the context of a professional job interview. Your teacher will show you how to construct indirect questions in English using very common phrases like "may I ask" and "could you tell me"."



  • Job Interview
    "This is a video created by Ann Taguchi, Reva Larson, and Hongyan Zheng at Milpitas Adult Education center. The two actors in the video are current ESL students at the school, one from level 3 and the other from level 4."