(Updated on 17/01/2016)




  • Paws In Jobland (
    "is an excellent interactive site for young people to explore careers. It’s designed for younger students, and is also very accessible for English Language Learners of all ages."
    (Larry Ferlazzo)


  • Interactive Book - Jobs
    "Learn / revise the vocabulary related to jobs and the difference between the present simple and the present continuous (BE + V-ing) with this interactive book!"

    Created by Laurence Haquet (Ac. Rouen)



  • To have something done
    "Listen to Peter Carter's podcast, then play the game."
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


  • Strike vocabulary - Matching exercise - interactive


  • Cooks today and in the past
    "This resource pack compares the work of a school canteen cook today with the work that might have been undertaken by a cook in a medieval castle.
    In the introductory section, pupils meet a cook from each era and are guided through a description of each cook's work in a storybook style.
    The main session and plenary include interactive activities designed to emphasise the similarities and differences between the kitchens of the 14th century and the present day."



  • Applying for a Job - Reading Comprehension for Lower Intermediate Level Learners and Classes


  • Jobs - photo + QCM

  • Jobs - photo (see above) + matching
  • Jobs
    ex : "A fashion designer is a person who ...
    cuts people's hair.
    works in the army.
    works on a boat.
    plays music on the radio or in clubs.
    designs new clothes."

  • Famous people - no pictures
    - Choisir la fin de phrase qui correspond à la personne célèbre.


  • PROFESSIONS - Matching exercise : "Plumbers / repair taps"
    - Faire repérer la faute d'orthographe à 'greengrocers')

    (Isabel Perez)
  • Métiers - jeu (traduction)
    (Hervé Humbert)
  • Jobs (easy exercise) :
    A butcher is a person who... 1) sells glasses. 2) sells flowers. 3) sells meat. 4) sells fruit and vegetables. 5) sells bread and cakes.
    (Better English)
  • Occupations -
    ex : A person who makes clothes for a living is called a ___. a. plumber b. tailor c. doctor
  • Jobs - What do they do? (Choose the right answer)
  • What is my job? ex : "I work in an office. I type letters and answer the phone."
  • Simple Present - Jobs
    ex : "A teacher a) works in a shop. b) works in a school. c) cleans windows."

  • A job interview - "Read the dialogue and then answer the questions."
  • Job interview - texte suivi d'un exercice (True ? / False ?)
  • Banking and Business Abbreviations
    "Use the following drop-down list to test your knowledge or access meanings of common banking and business abbreviations."
  • Job goals - texte suivi de questions
  • Job duties - texte suivi d'un exercice (fill in the gaps)
  • The Mary Rose , Henry VIII's favourite 16th century warship - with many activities
    Explore The Mary Rose : meet the crew - "find out about the work of some of the crew by clicking on the faces"
    (pilot - soldier - gunner - cook - barber-surgeon - carpenter - officers - archer)

    - with AUDIO