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(Created on 06/12/2016)




  • Dog Whistles, Whistle-Blowers, and Whistle-Stop Tours
    "Several idioms based on the word whistle are associated with politics.
    This post discusses the origins and meaning of “dog whistle,” whistle-blower, and “whistle-stop tours.”


  • Tanzanian police charge Jamii Forums founder - 16 December 2016
    "The co-founder of a Tanzanian whistle-blowing website has been charged with obstructing an investigation after not handing over the details of people who post on the site to the police."

  • Our work on whistleblowing
    "A key challenge in preventing and fighting corruption is to detect and expose bribery, fraud, theft of public funds and other acts of wrongdoing.
    One of the most direct methods of shining the light on corruption is whistleblowing. Unfortunately, whistleblowers commonly face retaliation in the form of harassment, firing, blacklisting, threats and even physical violence, and their disclosures are routinely ignored..."


  • Envers et contre tous ! Dix films pour saluer les lanceurs d'alerte
    "D'“Erin Brockovich” à “La Fille de Brest”, elles ou ils dénoncent une injustice, un danger, une manipulation."


  • Whistleblower Cartoons and Comics