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  • US gun owners determined to defend their rights - 17 January 2013
    "There are four times as many gun shops as there are McDonald's restaurants in the US.
    On Wednesday, US President Obama fired the first political shot in what is bound to be a tough battle with the powerful gun lobby.
    He must also deal with the fact that for some Americans, gun ownership is seen as a fundamental right.
    The BBC's Allan Little has been getting the view from Texas."


  • Is This the Most Insane N.R.A. Ad Ever? Yes, Yes, Definitely Yes - ARTICLE + VIDEO (


  • US stars in video demanding gun control
    "Film, television and music stars, including Jeremy Renner, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce, have recorded a hard-hitting video urging action on gun control following the Newtown school massacre. Julianne Moore, Jamie Foxx, Selena Gomez and Chris Rock also appear in the video, backing a Demand a Plan campaign which notably seeks a ban on assault weapons, as well as criminal background checks for every gun sold in the US..."



  • El Bocón: blanks
    "The Peruvian newspaper ‘El Bocón’, one of the countries leading sports newspapers, took a stand for peace in soccer violence.
    When a fan got killed in riots after a match, they removed all of the soccer news out of their newspaper.
    They left blank spots where the news was supposed to be. Great innovative way to take a stand as a newspaper."



  • Bilingual Cat - "The importance of knowing other languages." (YouTube)



  • Terrorism: A War Without Borders (

  • Countering the Terrorist Mentality
    "This edition of eJournal USA, "Countering the Terrorist Mentality," provides a look at the complex, global problem of terrorism.
    Several of the world’s leading scholars in this field, including Walter Laqueur, Bruce Hoffman, Jerrold Post, David Kilcullen, Mohammed Hafez,
    and Mia Bloom, examine the motivations of those who carry out terrorist attacks and the techniques terrorist organizations like al-Qaida use to recruit and motivate them."


  • Test your Awareness with Do The Test's Whodunnit.
    Who Killed Lord Smithe? TFL cycling safety advert! How observant are you? How did you do?




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  • My Child's Pack - A bullet resistant backpack
    "School shooting situations and demonstration of the original "My Child's Pack", a bullet resistant backpack shield by Bullet Blocker for bulletproof brief case, bulletproof clothing,bulletproof notebooks and custom body armor products."
    (You Tube)

  • Mr Bean in the park - The camera thief
    "Mr Bean asks a man to take a picture of him in the park. The man steals his camera but Bean manages to catch him."

    (You Tube)


  • Jack the Ripper - VIDEO (
    "Hear about the first of Jack the Ripper's killings."

  • The Beat Bullying advert : VIDEO
    "Natasha Bedingfield in a Beat Bullying Advert in 2004. Other celebrities include Sharon Osbourne, Vernon Kay and Keisha Buchanan from the Sugababes."


  • Domestic Violence Part 1 Kmedia Film
    "Directed by Kore jakpor & Luntu Masiza Domestic violence is the abuse suffered in a relationship, family or a friend/flatmate.
    It includes physical aggression, threats, sexual abuse, emotional abuse (controlling, threats, stalking etc).
    Feel free to comment and advice rachel on what step to take next in part 2."


    Boston Marathon Bombing
    - April 15, 2013