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(Created on 02/10/2015)



  • Oregon shooting: Statistics behind 'routine' US gun violence - 2 October 2015
    "For the 15th time since he was sworn in as US president, Barack Obama attempted on Thursday to make some sense
    of an act of mass gun violence and the laws that allowed it to happen."

    + US gun crime in 2015
    + Barack Obama and gun crime

    + Homicide rate
    + US gun and terrorism deaths, 2001-2011
  • Obama urges gun control after Oregon shooting - VIDEO | 01:35
    "US President Barack Obama voices anger and sadness after the country's latest deadly shooting, this time at an Oregon community college, and makes another impassioned plea for gun control legislation."




  • Another Mass Shooting in the U.S. - Text + Audio - 1 October 2015
    "A young male gunman killed 10 people Thursday afternoon at a community college in rural Oregon.
    The gunman, in his 20s, opened fire in classrooms around midmorning, according to the New York Times and the social media site, Twitter.
    The shooting lasted about a minute, sources said."



Umpqua Community College Campus