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  • In pictures: North Korea's most bonkers buildings (24 pictures) - 22 January 2018

    May Day Stadium

  • Japan PM Shinzo Abe promises to handle North Korea threat - with pictures - 23 October 2017
    "Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has promised strong "counter-measures" against North Korea, after winning a decisive victory in Sunday's election."

  • China bolsters defences on North Korean border amid tensions over nuclear program - 26 July 2017
  • What Does Kim Jong Un Want? - Text + Audio + Pictures - 17 July 2017
    "Kim Jong Un became North Korea’s leader in late 2011 after the death of his father Kim Jong Il. Many wondered what the young, Swiss-educated leader would do for the poor, isolated country with nuclear weapons. Almost six years later, there are still unanswered questions."

  • South Korea Calls for Talks with North to Reduce Tensions - Text + Audio + Pictures - 17 July 2017
    "South Korea has called for military talks with the North to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Also, the South Korean Red Cross has called for talks to plan meetings between families separated by the Korean War. Tens of thousands of South Koreans have sought to take part in the meetings."

  • Former CIA Head: Kim's Murder Designed to Remove Rival - Text + Audio - 3 March 2017
    "John McLaughlin says the killing of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s half-brother was an attempt to remove any alternative to the current leadership."

  • US, Japan, S. Korea Explore Limits to N. Korea’s Arms - Text + Audio - 1 March 2017
    "US, Japanese and South Korean officials met in Washington earlier this week.
    The talks are part of a Trump administration effort to limit the threat of North Korea’s nuclear and weapons programs."

  • Malaysia Charges Women in Kim Jong Nam Killing - Text + Audio - 1 March 2017
    "A court in Malaysia charged two women with killing a man believed to be the half-brother of North Korea’s leaders.
    The killing has led to intense criticism of North Korea. Some U.S. lawmakers are considering returning North Korea to the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism."

  • Kim Jong-nam killing: 'VX nerve agent' found on his face - with videos - 24 February 2017
    "Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader, was killed by a highly toxic nerve agent, says Malaysia."

  • Killing in Malaysia Seen as Evidence of North Korea’s Illegal Acts - Text + Audio - 16 February 2017
    "Some observers point to the apparent assassination of Kim Jong Nam as an example of how North Korea’s leadership operates unlawfully.
    If proven true, the killing of Kim Jong Nam would be another one of many incidents in which North Korea has carried out illicit activities."

  • North Korea says ballistic missile test was a 'success' - 13 February 2017
    "North Korea says it "successfully" test-fired a ballistic missile on Sunday in a launch supervised by leader Kim Jong-un...
    The US, Japan and South Korea have requested an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the incident.
    China said it opposed North Korean missile tests and Russia said it was concerned, calling on all parties to prevent any escalation in tensions."

  • Cartoon: Trump Sees Red - COMMENTARY + GRAMMAR + VOCABULARY + Related articles

  • South Korea, Japan Join United Nations in Punishing North Korea - Text + Audio - 5 December 2016
    "North Korea is facing more punishment for its nuclear testing programs. On Friday, South Korea and Japan added sanctions to those already approved by the United Nations. North Korea deputy foreign minister told diplomats Friday that the UN punishment is an “abuse of power.”

  • US flies bombers over South Korea in show of force - 13 September 2016
    "The US has flown two supersonic B-1B Lancer strategic bombers over South Korea in a show of force, just days after North Korea carried out its fifth nuclear test.
    The two bombers conducted a low-altitude flight over an air base located some 77km (48 miles) from the border between the two Koreas...
    B-1B bombers are capable of carrying nuclear missiles and bombs that are able to destroy even underground bunkers."

  • North Korea accused of 'maniacal recklessness' after nuclear test triggers earthquake - 10 September 2016
    "UN security council agrees to begin work on further sanctions as Japanese PM Shinzo Abe warns of grave threat...
    North Korea has confirmed it has conducted its most powerful nuclear test to date, marking the 68th anniversary of its founding with a reminder to the world that it may be edging closer to developing a warhead capable of striking the US mainland."

  • Group Helps North Korean Children Flee Statelessness in China - Text + Audio - 15 July 2016
    "A church helps children of defectors who have fled North Korea for China.
    The church in Seoul helps resettle families in South Korea giving them a better life."
  • North Korea Further Limits Communication with US - Text + Audio - 11 July 2016
    "North Korea said it is ending diplomatic communications with the U.S. through its U.N. offices in New York.
    The North has also threatened “physical action” if the U.S. and South Korea deploy a new missile system on the peninsula."

  • N Korea threatens 'physical response' to US-South Korea anti-missile system - 11 July 2016
    "North Korea has threatened a "physical response" after the US and South Korea announced an agreement to deploy an advanced missile defence system.
    + What is the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD)?


  • North Korea Says It Has Small Nuclear Weapon - Text + Audio - 9 March 2016
    "North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claimed that his country has made a nuclear weapon small enough for a ballistic missile.
    Also, an expert in North Korea propaganda talks about the language used by the North. "

  • North Korea 'has miniature nuclear warhead', says Kim Jong-un - 9 March 2016
    "Kim Jong-un says North Korean scientists have developed nuclear warheads small enough to fit on ballistic missiles."

  • N. Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike, US, S. Korea Begin Drills - Text + Audio - 7 March 2016
    "Tensions are high on the Korean peninsula after the United Nations Security Council placed tough sanctions on North Korea. Now, as the US and South Korea carry out yearly military exercises, the largest ever, North Korea has threatened a preemptive nuclear attack."

  • North Korea Flies Missiles After UN Sanctions - Text + Audio - 3 March 2016
    "The UN Security Council Voted to approve new sanctions on North Korea for its nuclear and missile tests. Sanctions limit trade, require North Korean cargo inspections and target individuals. The UN also released a report showing ways that North Korea has avoided sanctions over the years."

  • North Korea 'fires missiles' into sea hours after UN vote - Article + Photos + Videos - 3 March 2016
    "North Korea has fired six short-range projectiles into the sea, South Korea's defence ministry has said, hours after the UN imposed tough new sanctions."

  • US, China Agree on Sanctions Against North Korea - Text + Audio - 25 February 2016
    "The top diplomats of the two nations met to come to an agreement on proposed sanctions on North Korea for its nuclear and missile programs.
    The proposal will be presented to the United Nations Security Council. North Korea has been under U.N. sanctions since 2006."

  • Barack Obama imposes new North Korea sanctions - 19 February 2016
    "President Obama has signed off new expanded sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear programme, weeks after it launched a long-range rocket."

    + Why did North launch long-range rocket?
    + How advanced is North's nuclear programme?

  • 'Largest Ever' US-South Korea Military Drills - Text + Audio - 18 February 2016
    "As tensions increase, South Korea officials say the yearly military drills between the South and the U.S. will be the largest ever.
    Also, South Korean intelligence officials warn of attacks by the North."

  • US flies F-22 jets over South Korea in show of force against the North - 17 February 2016
  • UN: Kim Jong Un Could Be Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity - Text + Audio - 16 February 2016
    "A United Nations expert on human rights in North Korea has warned that the country’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, could be responsible for crimes against humanity. North Korea’s human rights abuses are among the worst in the world. UN investigators say the abuses are the worst since World War II."

  • North Korea's 'biggest' export - giant statues - 16 February 2016
    "North Korea doesn't have much the world wants to buy, but one very successful export has been its art.
    The BBC's Lawrence Pollard looks at an unlikely story of North Korean cultural influence, and its success in Africa in particular."
  • Rocket Launch May Strengthen Kim Jong Un - Text + Audio - 8 February 2016
    "North Korea’s rocket launch on Sunday and the international criticism of its nuclear test last month may have strengthened its leader Kim Jong Un.
    North Korea’s state media regularly report that Kim’s actions defend the country against hostile American and South Korean forces."

  • Cartoon: North Korean Missile Launch - 8 February 2016


  • North Korea's missile programme - 7 February 2016
    "North Korea is believed to have more than 1,000 missiles of varying capabilities, including long-range missiles which could one day strike the US."


  • North Korea fires long-range rocket despite warnings - Article + Photos + Video - 7 February 2016
    "North Korea has fired a long-range rocket, which critics say is a test of banned missile technology."

  • UN Condemns N. Korea Missile Launch - Text + Audio
    "The United Nations Security Council strongly condemned North Korean’s launch of a long-range rocket at an emergency meeting on Sunday.
    Meanwhile, South Korea and the U.S. announced a plan to begin talks on deploying a missile-defense system."