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(Updated on 18/04/2014)




The Story of Conny and Clive
"Complete the comic
with the verbs
in the Past Simple Tense."


Cartoons :
Assault weapons -
Teachers and Guns -
Life with guns -
Gun debate -
Second Amendment...


Cartoon: Arming the Teachers
"This cartoon by Cal Grondahl from the Standard-Examiner relates
to the call by Wayne LaPierre, the head of the National Rifle Association
to put armed guards in every school in the wake of
the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings..."




The paperwork was all in order
"This cartoon by Schrank from 
The Independent on Sunday
 sums up
the moral blindness of Britain's
official attitude
towards arms exports
to such countries..."




Cartoon: A Tale of Two Cities
"This cartoon by Adams from
 The Daily Telegraph uses the title
of a novel by  Charles Dickens
 ( A Tale of Two Cities) to highlight
the contrasting fortunes
of protesters in London and various
Arab countries (in Dickens' novel the
two cities were London and Paris)..."



School violence - cartoons


Can I borrow the sawn-off shotgun
tonight, Dad?


A sawn-off gun
is "a shotgun whose barrel(s) has been
shortened to give a larger spread,
though with more limited
range (often for illegal purposes)"



Don't touch the remote


WikiLeaks Terrorist Guides
- a cartoon with an explanation



How to build a bomb
in the public school system





Heat wave - a cartoon



Anti-terrorism fight



CIA probe


Invincible ?



Back to school Sale

"It was very peaceful
- until someone I'd given a lollipop to,
stabbed someone with it
- and one thing led to another."




Torture ? What torture ?


No torture


Back to school



Smoking Ban Cartoons



by all the top cartoonists!




Liquid terror



Guns don't kill






The English language



How to rob a snowman


Obama Guns - Cartoons


Your head is going to explode



Where do kids learn
to be so violent?



I'll call you



Weapons of
Mass Destruction





Fighting again
(British Council)





Political Cartoonists

Take a look at Gun Control!


Footy culture


No Death Penalty
for juveniles...
by all the top cartoonists!


Hijack Cartoons


A picnic...
+ Picture 1 + Picture 2
+ Picture 3 + Picture 4

(Armelle Meyer - Ac. Bordeaux)


'The King of Pigs'