(Updated on 27/12/2014)





  • Jungle Jail - an animation
    "A young prisoner comes into a crazy jail, where everything could happen.
    Smaller and weaker than the others, he becomes the scapegoat of the place.
    One day, everything changes, and he finally turns into the Big Boss..."








  • English @ the Movies: 'Go Undercover'
    "Do you know what "go undercover" means? It is this week's English @ the Movies saying, and it comes from the film "Baywatch."
    The movie is about lifeguards at a California beach who try to catch criminals. Watch the video, take the quiz. Did you guess the right answer?"



  • Strange meeting - Sherlock - BBC
    "Memorable scence from series 1 of Sherlock in which Doctor Watson meets an intimidating man at a warehouse, who seems to know all about him. Great HD clip from Sherlock, starring Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch."

    + Strange meeting - Sherlock - a worksheet (.docx)
    Created by Muriel O'Mahony (Ac. Montpellier)


  • 3-D Tools Help Investigators Recreate Crime Scenes - VIDEO - 6 July 2015
    "Scientists in Switzerland have developed software, scanners and even a robot to recreate crime scenes in three dimensions."

  • Body Cameras Seen as Good and Bad for US Police Officers - Text + Audio + Video - 5 May 2015
    "The Houston Police Department has experimented with body cameras for the past two years.
    The department deploys about 100 of the cameras on its officers each day.
    There are many questions about the cost of such camera systems and the limits on what the technology can do.
    And who controls the images?"


  • Misconceptions about Crime - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep. 13)
    "Is violent crime on the rise? Is pleading insanity an effective defense? Is the prison population increasing? If so, why?
    How does the legalization of medical marijuana factor into the big picture? Mental Floss discusses these issues and more."




  • Police body cameras: Positive change in Rialto, California - 12 December 2014
    "In Rialto, California, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, the police force there has been using tiny cameras mounted on officers
    for nearly four years with great success: complaints from the public are down 88% since the department started filming every arrest and interaction.
    Police and the people they serve both like the programme."



  • Cool Hand Luke - night in the box
    "A clip from the movie Cool Hand Luke. In this scene, the new inmates are introduced to the rules and told that breaking any rule leads to a 'night in the box'."




  • Inside New York's anti-terror centre - 5 August 2013
    "In a secret location in lower Manhattan, Panorama reporter Hilary Andersson was given a glimpse of the control centre
    where New York's Police is stepping it up its anti-terrorism operations."


  • US man 'abandoned' in US jail gets $4m in compensation - 31 July 2013 - Article + Video
    "A university student in the US city of San Diego has received $4.1m (£2.7m) from the US government
    after he was abandoned for more than four days in a prison cell, his lawyer said."


  • DASH CAM VIDEO: Police Pursuit - "Portland Police Traffic Officer Mark James attempts to catch up to a traffic violator."
    - with a surprise!





  • Mankind: Exceptional hair
    "MANKIND is a grooming studio for men in Toronto. 
    ‘Suspect Description’
     is about a burglary in Sak’s Fine Food Store.
    When two police follow up the report of the criminals the victim starts to give a detailed and weird analysis of the suspect.."



  • Dexter Interactive Investigation: Start Here! - "Help Dexter track a notorious serial killer in New York City."


  • Woman called 999 over 'stolen' snowman
    "Kent Police issued a transcript of the ''completely irresponsible'' call which they received overnight as they fielded thousands of calls from people because of the sub-zero conditions."



  • Drama Queen - Commercial for the Young Director Award 2010