Police around the world: CONTENTS


(Updated on 27/12/2014)



  • Police aux USA - multiple choice exercise - interactive
    (Ac. Caen)


  • Shootings Lead to Questions About Police Tactics - Text + Audio - 5 December 2015
    "The release of a video showing a 2014 police shooting of a 17-year-old in Chicago is touching off debate about police tactics.
    When is deadly force acceptable? When is it not?"

  • Are NY police turning their back on crime? - 5 January 2015 
    "If you're inclined to park illegally, or jump a red light, or exceed the speed limit, has there ever been a better time to be in New York?"




  • Sending the Police Before There’s a Crime - ARTICLE + VIDEO - 15 August 2011
    "The police officers... were directed to the parking structure by a computer program that had predicted that car burglaries were especially likely there that day. The program is part of an unusual experiment by the Santa Cruz Police Department in predictive policing — deploying officers in places where crimes are likely to occur in the future...
    Efforts to systematically anticipate when and where crimes will occur are being tried out in several cities. "

  • Miniature spy helicopter used to hunt pirates - 1 August 2011
    "It is only seven foot long and weighs just 49lbs but it is the latest weapon in the war on piracy in Africa...
    A remote-controlled mini-helicopter, which can fire tasers, grenades and shotgun shells, is being used to track pirates off the Horn of Africa and enforce law on the streets in the US...
    The discreet Shadowhawk UAV is proving an effective crime-fighting solution for both police forces and private companies."


  • Geese given police escort on US highway : Article + Video - 9 June 2011
    "A Canada goose and her goslings are escorted from a busy highway in Seattle by no less than three police cars...
    The operation "to get the little guys cleared" took around 20 minutes."

    1) goose / geese - goslings - the gaggle -  the little guys
    2) police escort - state troopers - motorists - the authorities - officers - patrol spokeswoman
    3) busy highway - rush hour - lanes of traffic - highway exit
    4) after - whilst

  • Arizona police force turns to civilian investigators + a video - 5 April 2011
    "The city of Mesa in the US state of Arizona has turned over some police duties to a new team of civilian investigators.
    The BBC's Paul Adams says the programme is a law enforcement innovation - and policing on the cheap in an era of government cuts."



  • CIA and FBI sent on museum course to 'refresh sense of inquiry' - 25 October 2010
    "They are among groups of law enforcement officials, also including New York police officers and members of the US Secret Service, who have attended classes at the city's Metropolitan Museum of Art."

    "There's more to a picture than meets the eye."
    "Don't just look at a picture and see a picture. See what's happening."


  • Rise of the cyber doormen - 15 February 2008
    "Doormen are the eyes and ears of New Yorkers, providing a personalised service to their residents and acting as a filter to the outside world at the same time. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week."