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  • Metropolitan Police 
    Leadership - Structure - Mission and Values - Performance - Environment Strategy - Strategy and Plans
    History : Time Line - Book Of Remembrance - History of Policing - Records - Badges of Rank - 'OldBill' Origins - Famous Cases

    Branches of the Met 


  • London police given 1,000 acid attack kits (July 27, 2017) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Police officers in London have been given 1,000 special kits to deal with acid attacks."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels: Acid Attacks - Level 0Acid Attacks - Level 1  or  Acid Attacks - Level 2
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)
  • Just how practical is a traditional Bobby's helmet? - 22 January 2015 
    "West Yorkshire Police have decided to end the use of the traditional police helmet for normal duties.
    Is this symbol of British law enforcement really so old-fashioned, asks Justin Parkinson."






  • The British Policeman (1959) - a video - 17min 22sec
    "Following a ‘typical’ day in the life of Police Constable Jack Edwards, the film shows his ‘typical’ duties over an eight-hour shift. The film portrayal of PC Edwards as a guardian of law and order in 1950s Britain, understandably looks dated, when compared to today’s modern Police Service."




  • Why British police don’t have guns - 19 September 2012
    "The deaths of two female police constables have brought into focus the unarmed status of most British police. 
    Why does Britain hold firm against issuing guns to officers on the beat?" 

    + View from a bobby
    + International models
    + Police use of firearms 2010-11
    + View from Louisiana
    + Documents



  • Police (new & USEFUL) scanners - LINK + AUDIO - ACCES PAR MOT DE PASSE
    "Police in England are to use laser scanners at the scene of serious road accidents, so they can clear crashes more quickly.
    The new technology saves officers' time, by making a 3D image of the site."



  • Police call for more powers to tackle metal thefts - 25 October 2010 
    "There have been more than 5,000 such thefts from the railways and the gas and electricity networks this year...
    As prices have risen, memorial plaques, statues and even catalytic converters have become targets.

  • It's all in a day's police work - 15 October 2010
    "Police in Greater Manchester have completed a 24-hour experiment to record every incident they deal with on Twitter.
    They hope it will give the public a better idea of the demands made upon them.
    So what does it reveal about the realities of policing one of the UK's biggest cities?"



  • Pedal patrol car - 21 May 2010
    "Police in Hampshire, UK, have a new patrol vehicle in their fleet — a five-speed, pedal-powered car:
    Officers believe building their new five-gear vehicle, which has a top speed of 20 miles per hour, will help combat anti-social behaviour.[...]
    PC Keith Waller, who will pilot the vehicle, spent 40 hours painstakingly building the replica car with children aged 13 to 16 at Ringwood Comprehensive School.
    He insisted that getting involved with the project allowed police to show their “fun side” and made them look “cooler” and “more approachable”.



  • Crimestoppers (
    "We are an independent charity helping to find criminals and help solve crimes."

    Most Wanted by crime type :

  • Private 'police' provoke concern - 14 November 2009
    "The growing number of private security companies policing UK streets is a worrying development, senior police figures say."
    In Darlington, "residents there pay between £2 and £4 a week to have their homes included in regular patrols and to receive an instant response if they need help."

    The vice chairman of the Police Federation said :
    "I understand the public's fear of crime but actually it's the police who patrol public space and we should be very wary about giving those powers to private security companies."


    "Security guards in Darlington say
    they are filling a vacuum left by the police."
  • Children out late 'unacceptable' - 22 February 2009
    "Home Secretary Jacqui Smith says it is unacceptable for parents not to know what their children are up to at night.
    She was speaking after police in 27 council areas in England picked up and returned 120 youngsters late on Friday.
    Operation Staysafe was intended to stop children becoming victims of crime or being drawn into criminal behaviour."

  • Offenders to wear community vests + AUDIO - 1 December 2008
    "Thousands of offenders in England and Wales are to wear high visibility vests while doing community service."
    (BBC News)


  • Police to focus on violent crimes - 17 February 2008
    "Police in England and Wales are to have targets on minor offences relaxed to allow them to focus on combating violent crime, it is understood... Schoolchildren may have to pass through metal detectors"



  • Call to scrap 'anti-teen' device - 12 February 2008
    "A high-pitched device used to disperse teenagers is being challenged by campaigners, who say it is not a fair way to treat young people. There are estimated to be 3,500 of the devices, known as the mosquito, in use across the country. Their sound causes discomfort to young ears - but their frequency is above the normal hearing range of people over 25. The Children's Commissioner for England says they should be scrapped as they infringe the rights of young people." 


  • Metropolitan Police - Young people
    "This part of the site specifically targets the youth of London, delivering useful guidance on crime prevention and how to stay
    safe. The site also offers advice such as what to do if your mobile phone is stolen or if you are being bullied."





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