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  • Prison vs Work - ex :
    "IN can watch TV and play games.
    AT get fired for watching TV and playing games."










    • The Scarlatti Tilt - Activities sent by Anne-Sophie SAINT-SULPICE (Ac. Lyon) :
      "A l'origine j'avais fait une faute de frappe sur l'histoire et j'avais décidé de la laisser car d'une part cela permet de placer tous les personnages typiques
      de la 'detective story' et d'autre part ça leur permet je pense de bien voir à quel point une simple lettre peut être importante en anglais (une fois qu'on rectifie l'erreur). Vous pouvez, vous, l'enlever, c'est alors plus simple pour les élèves de comprendre. Mais comme moi je veux bien leur faire réaliser à quel point les ellipses dans la narration peuvent être un obstacle à la compréhension, ça ne me gêne pas qu'ils rament un peu au début."
      - The Scarlatti Tilt 4ème
      - The Scarlatti Tilt 2nde
      - Alibi rules - un jeu pris dans "Language Teaching Games and contests" de W R Lee. 
      Pour les classes plus faibles je faisais venir l'assistante et elle aidait les deux suspects à préparer leur alibi."
      - Creative writing

    • The Scarlatti Tilt - "The classic crime story from the writings of Richard Brautigan."


    • The Scarlatti Tilt - Ms McCulloch's classes
      "Read the short story “The Scarlatti Tilt” ... Not very long, is it? Yet it does have all the elements of a story.
      There are characters, suspense, dialogue and we ..."


    • The Scarlatti Tilt  "is an apparent ‘humorous’ tale of the killing of one human being by another.  This particular story is an excellent example of ..."

    • The Scarlatti Tilt Essay (


  • Big-screen TV stolen in reverse prison break (


    - inmate / prisoner / thief/thieves / sergeant / police / dog teams / spokeswoman

    - New Plymouth prison / administration building / jail / jailhouse / large stone wall / razor wire / fence / barbed wire /
    electronic security devices / cameras / closed circuit / Corrections Department 

    - prison break / heist

    - escape / break into / make off / alert / call / force open / steal / surround / top / accomodate

    - fire / sprinkler / firefighter
    - set alight


  • Cat burglar takes shine to underwear - 7 December 2010
    "A spate of thefts from gardens and washing lines in a southern English town had been puzzling police...
    (The cat) pinched builder's gloves, a knee-pad, a paint roller, rubber gloves, and 10 pairs of children's underpants..."


  • Argentina criminals 'evade capture by dressing up as sheep' - 13 April 2010
    They "dressed in full sheepskin fleeces with realistic looking heads as they tried to evade capture...
    They used their disguises to fool officials for more than a week despite more than 300 members of the local constabulary searching for them."

    "They can't pull the wool over our eyes forever,” one officer deadpanned.

  • Student who was arrested for doodling on school desk sues city for excessive force - 2 April 2010
    "The 12-year-old schoolgirl handcuffed and arrested in February for doodling on her desk plans to sue the city...
    Alexa was perp-walked out of the school in front of her classmates with her hands locked in metal handcuffs behind her back."


    The term perp walk  "is an American slang term which refers to the police practice of intentionally parading an arrested suspect (or "perp", short for "perpetrator") through a public place so that the media may observe and record the event.
    The suspect is typically handcuffed or otherwise restrained, and is often dressed in prison garb."

  • Convict escapes using spoon - 24 February 2010
    "A violent criminal used a spoon to dig her way out of a Dutch prison...
    The 35-year-old woman, held for an unspecified "violent crime", fled on Saturday night through a tunnel she had dug with a spoon."




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