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  • 33 Charged with Stealing Chocolate, Other Crimes - Text + Audio - 12 June 2017
    "Among the criminal charges facing 33 people: Stealing chocolate and involvement in a “murder for hire” plot."


  • The seven greatest real-life heists of all time
    "From old East End villains coming back together for one last job to Butch Cassidy blowing up a Wild West train,
    and Colonel Blood robbing the Crown Jewels, we look at the most sensational real-life heists ever."


    Trained thieves: members of the Wilcox Train Robbery gang

  • Hate Groups on the Rise in the US - Text + Audio + Video - 8 March 2017
    "The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights research group, says hate crimes are on the rise in the United States. Hate crimes are driven by prejudice based on characteristics including race, color, religion and sexual orientation."


  • The word of the month (May 2016): IMPEACH, by Gymglish


  • The Crime Museum Uncovered - 9 October 2015
    "For the first time ever, never-before-seen objects from the Metropolitan Police’s Crime Museum are on public display in this major exhibition at the Museum of London."

  • Chapel Hill shooting: What's the definition of a hate crime?
    "The FBI is investigating whether the fatal shooting of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was a hate crime.
    What is the definition of this offence and how do you prove it, asks Rajini Vaidyanathan...
    The FBI defines a hate crime as one with an added element of bias against a person's race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. The agency says: "Hate itself is not a crime - and the FBI is mindful of protecting freedom of speech and other civil liberties."





  • How pickpockets trick your mind - 30 June 2014
    "Pickpockets use much more than sleight of hand, says Caroline Williams, they hack your brain’s weaknesses."

  • Man gets 30 months in prison for shining laser at plane - 26 March 2013
    "In March 2012 Adam Gardenhire aimed a green laser pen at a business jet and then shone it at a Pasadena police helicopter sent to find the source... The act has been considered a federal crime in the US since February 2012."

  • Crime and ASB in Brighton - interactive map
    ASB = Anti-Social Behaviour
    "This website provides you with helpful information about crime and policing in your area (in England and Wales).
    Enter your postcode, town, village or street into the search box below, and get instant access to street-level crime maps and data,
    as well as details of your local policing team and beat meetings."



  • Thieves steal kitchen sink from South Africa police
    "South Africa's police are investigating after thieves stripped a police station of all its contents, down to the kitchen sink..
    The robbers helped themselves to everything of value - including doors, cupboards, basins, cutlery, tiles, furniture, electrical equipment and mortuary fridges...
    How bizarre, that the police will now have to investigate a crime committed at a police station..."



  • Crimemapper
    An interactive map of crime reports in the Sacramento region

    "You write in the address of a home, residence, school, etc.; click, and you are then shown a map of the area with markers explaining what crime was committed where and when over the past year.
    A program like this has tons of possibilities for English Language Learners and others.  Students could analyze their neighborhood  crime’s statistics and compare it with others, then discuss the reasons for differences.
    They could look at the stats and organize a meeting with police to discuss any concerns they and their families might have.
    And these are just two of many ideas."

    (Larry Ferlazzo)


  • Age of criminal responsibility internationally

    - in the States



  • Art Theft - FBI (
    Overview / Stories / Top 10 Cases / Art Crime Team


  • Famous Mugshots - Photos and biographies

    mugshot = police identity photo (slang)




'Fast and Furious 5'