Martin Luther KING :



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  • Black And White America by Lenny Kravitz
    "Martin Luther King, he had a vision
    And that's a fact
    He died so we could see that was his mission..."



  • If I can dream - sung by Elvis Presley
    "notable for its direct quotations to Martin Luther King, Jr."

    Sent by Emmanuelle Duchiron (Ac. Versailles)

    + Lyrics ( + Video (YouTube)


  • Common Feat Will.I.Am - DREAM Lyrics (
    "I got a dream
    [that one day]
    that one day
    all of the people and myself
    are gonna find a better way
    My dream is to be free"

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)



  • Why? (The King of Love Is Dead) by Nina Simone :
    "But he had seen the mountaintop
    And he knew he could not stop
    Always living with the threat of death ahead
    Folks you'd better stop and think
    Everybody knows we're on the brink
    What will happen, now that the King of love is dead?"

    - the VIDEO (Dailymotion)

  • Sister Rosa Parks, by the Neville Brothers
    - un travail proposé par Yannick TROCCAZ (Ac. Grenoble) avec remise des paragraphes et des phrases du refrain dans l'ordre puis analyse.

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Songs (Teach-nology) :
    Dr. King,
    Free At Last,
    Freedom Let it Ring,
    Martin Luther King's Dream,
    Martin's Cry



  • Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2 :
    "Early morning, April 4
    Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
    Free at last, they took your life
    They could not take your pride..."

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)