Martin Luther KING : LISTENING

(Updated on 24/12/2016)


  • Americans Serve Others to Honor Martin Luther King, Jr. - Article - Audio - 18 January 2015
    "Dr. King’s life was about service in the name of peace, justice and equality. He led efforts to end the racial separation laws.
    He organized huge marches and protests. He urged people to disobey unjust laws through non-violent resistance.
    The holiday in his honor became the National Day of Service."

  • Martin Luther King: 'I have a dream' revisited
    "To mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech, BBC Radio 4 asked notable figures to record a recital of the celebrated text.
    Listen to it in full below, and see striking images from a period of American history which became a tipping point for social change."
  • I have a dream
    Le discours de Martin Luther King dans un diaporama sonore Power Point.
    - Texte du discours accompagné de la traduction
    (Yvan Baptiste - Ac. Montpellier)
    Martin Luther King : "Man with a dream" - dates, passive form (6 exercises)
    (Michel Barbot)