(Created on 08/04/2017)




  • Trump Threatens Missile Strike to Answer Attack in Syria - Text + Audio + Pictures - 10 April 2018
    "The U.S. president said Russia should be ready for a missile strike in Syria. It strike will answer a suspected chemical weapons attack in the town of Douma.
    Earlier, Russia warned it would shoot down U.S. missiles aimed at the area."


  • Trump Considering Action to Answer Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria - Text + Audio - 9 April 2018
    "President Trump says the United States will find whether Russia, Syria or Iran, or all of them, were responsible for the most recent suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria."


  • Russia blames Israel for attack on Syrian air base as pressure mounts over gas atrocity - with pictures and videos - 9 April 2018
    "Russia blamed Israel for a missile attack on a Syria air base on Monday morning, which came after President Bashar al-Assad triggered international outrage
    by carrying out a suspected chemical attack in a besieged suburb of Damascus."




  • Presidents of Russia, Turkey, Iran Meet on Syria - Text + Audio + Pictures - 4 April 2018
    "Leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran met in Ankara and called for greater efforts to end fighting to Syria.
    The meeting comes after US President Trump has suggested that he is thinking about withdrawing US troops from the country."


  • Dissecting the Syrian Civil war: who's fighting who and where - 10 February 2018
    "The conflict in Syria is soon to enter its eighth year. Instead of winding down - as the regime and its Russian allies would like to tell us - it seems to only be racheting up."


  • Syria war: 'Civilians killed' as thousands flee Turkish air strikes - with pictures, a map and a video - 17 March 2018
    "A number of civilians have been killed by Turkish shelling and air strikes while trying to flee the embattled Syrian city of Afrin, reports say."

    + Video: Afrin: What is going on in Syria's other battle?

  • Syria: Seven years of war explained - BBC News - 9 March 2018
    "The war in Syria has now lasted for seven years.
    Although its roots lie in peaceful protests against the government, it has become something much more complex.
    Joe Inwood explains who is fighting whom and why."





  • US Allies Support Airstrikes on Syrian Military Targets - Text + Audio + Pictures - 8 April 2017
    "American allies have praised the United States for launching airstrikes against Syria military targets.
    The raids came days after a chemical weapons attack in a town controlled by Syrian rebels."


  • Syria war: US missile strikes brings angry Russian response - with pictures and videos - 7 April 2017
    "Russia has promised to strengthen Syria's anti-aircraft defences after the US bombarded a Syrian air base with missiles, reportedly destroying it."



  • Trump Denounces Chemical Attack in Syria - Text + Audio + Pictures - 5 April 2017
    "President Donald Trump is now facing multiple foreign policy challenges carried over from the Obama administration.
    Several of these challenges became clear this week."