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  • Trump: FBI inquiry into Russia links 'hurts US terribly' - 19 May 2017
    "President Donald Trump has said the decision to appoint a special counsel to oversee the inquiry into Russian influence on his election is hurting America "terribly"."

    + Video: "I respect the move, but the entire thing has been a witch hunt."
    + Video: Impeachment, what's that?
    + Video: Putin laughs at political chaos in US
    + Video: Trump supporters stick with him despite scandal

  • Trump defends 'right' to share secrets - 16 May 2017
    "President Donald Trump has defended his "absolute right" to share information with Russia, following a row over classified material.
    Mr Trump tweeted that he had shared "facts pertaining to terrorism and airline safety" and wanted Russia to do more against so-called Islamic State."


  • UK was given details of alleged contacts between Trump campaign and Moscow
    "Reports by Christopher Steele, a former MI6 officer, on possible collusion between the the Trump camp and the Kremlin are at the centre of a political storm in the US over Moscow’s role in getting Donald Trump elected."


  • US Seeks to Persuade Russia to End Support for Syria’s Assad - Text + Audio - 11 April 2017
    "U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has traveled to Moscow in an effort to persuade Russia to end support for Syrian leader Bashar al Assad.
    Tillerson’s trip follows last week’s deadly chemical attack on civilians in Syria that U.S. officials have blamed on forces loyal to Assad."


  • FBI Confirms Investigation into Possible Russian Ties to Trump Campaign - Text + Audio + Pictures - 20 March 2017
    "FBI Director James Comey confirms that his agency is investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Comey also
    says that he has “no information” to support claims by President Donald Trump that the government wiretapped his phones during the 2016 campaign."


  • FBI Disputes Trump's Wiretapping Claim - Text - 6 March 2017
    "U.S. President Donald Trump demanded Sunday that Congress investigate his claims that the Obama administration “abused” its powers in the Russian interference investigation."


  • Trump’s wiretap paranoia and the reality of modern surveillance - 6 March 2017
    "The president’s claim that his phone was bugged is straight out of a cold-war time warp.
    Security services have far easier ways of intercepting communications now."
    + Six surveillance films to make Trump paranoid

  • US Assures EU, Seeks ‘Common Ground with Russia' - Text + Audio + Pictures - 20 February 2017
    "Vice President Mike Pence met with European leaders in his first trip there since taking office.
    He told them that the US will “continue to hold Russia accountable,” while also searching for “new common ground with Russia.”

  • Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows - 17 January 2017
    "Erik Prince, America’s most notorious mercenary, is lurking in the shadows of the incoming Trump administration.
    A former senior U.S. official who has advised the Trump transition told The Intercept that Prince has been advising the team on matters related to intelligence and defense, including weighing in on candidates for the Defense and State departments..."

  • US Intelligence: Top Russian Officials Tried to Influence 2016 Election - Text + Audio + Pictures + Videos - 5 January 2017
    "U.S. intelligence leaders say high-level Russian officials were responsible for attacking American computers during the 2016 election.
    U.S. lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the hacking. President-elect Donald Trump questions U.S. intelligence on this matter."

  • GRIZZLY STEPPE – Russian Malicious Cyber Activity - 29 December 2016
    "This Joint Analysis Report (JAR) is the result of analytic efforts between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This document  provides technical details regarding the tools and infrastructure used by the Russian civilian and military intelligence Services (RIS)
    to compromise and exploit networks and endpoints associated with the U.S. election, as well as a range of U.S. Government, political, and private sector entities.
    The U.S. Government is referring to this malicious cyber activity by RIS as GRIZZLY STEPPE."



  • USA and Russia in election hacking tit-for-tat (1st January, 2017) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "A new crisis is looming between the USA and Russia over U.S. allegations that Russia hacked Hillary Clinton's emails during the U.S. election."

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White House overtaken by Russian onion domes
on new Time cover

- Article + Video
- 18 May 2017