(Created on 07/02/2017)



  • Mixed Reaction to US-China Trade Deal - Text + Audio - 21 May 2017
    "Many experts say the trade agreement does not deal with important issues; others say it could increase trade and reduce the US trade deficit.
    Last year, the U.S. trade deficit with China reached $347 billion."


  • China to Extend 'Silk Road' Plan to Afghanistan - Text + Audio - 12 May 2017
    "China is extending its Belt and Road Initiative to include Afghanistan.
    The development plan refers to the historic Silk Road between China and the West.
    It aims to link more than 60 countries from Asia to Europe, though land and maritime trade routes."




  • Mar-a-Lago: The price of Trump's 'Winter White House' - 6 April 2017
    "When President Trump flies in to Palm Beach County, Jorge Gonzalez stays firmly on the ground...
    On Thursday he (Trump) will once again jet down to the so-called "Winter White House", this time to host the Chinese president Xi Jinping.
    Roads will close, Secret Service agents will swarm, Navy gunboats will patrol, and Mr Gonzalez will kick his heels..."

    + A video: Inside Mar-a-Lago
  • Trump Talks Tough on China Ahead of Meeting with Xi - Text + Audio + Pictures - 4 April 2017
    "President Donald Trump is set to meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping this week for talks.
    Talks between the two leaders are expected to center on trade and North Korea."

  • China Building Missile Structures in South China Sea - Text + Audio - 23 February 2017
    "China has almost finished building more than twenty structures on artificial islands in the South China Sea.
    Two American officials told Reuters that the structures appear designed to hold long-range surface-to-air missiles."

  • US Aircraft Carrier Begins Patrol in South China Sea - Text + Pictures - 19 February 2017
    Editor's Note: An audio to accompany this story will be added when it is available.
    "The new U.S. administration could increase patrols in disputed areas of the South China Sea to show opposition to Chinese development there.
    Sending ships into an area for this purpose is called a freedom of navigation operation."



  • Donald Trump and China on dangerous collision course, say experts - 7 February 2017
    "Report says ties between the two nuclear-armed countries could deteriorate into an economic or military confrontation."


  • Is China Ready for Possible Conflict with US? - Text + Audio + Pictures - 6 February 2017
    "China reacted sharply to US suggestions that officials might take action to stop Chinese development on disputed islands in the South China Sea.
    But military experts say China’s current military capabilities do not measure up to Beijing’s tough rhetoric on its activities in the South China Sea."