(Created on 03/02/2017)


  • North Korea Steals Military Documents from South - Text + Audio - 12 October 2017
    "A South Korean lawmaker said defense officials told him that a North Korean computer attack stole a large number of military documents.
    Among them were plans to destroy North Korea’s leadership. The attack is said to have taken place in September 2016."

  • North Korea Claims US Has Declared War - Text + Audio - 25 September 2017
    "North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho says the United States has declared war on his country. Ri made the statement to reporters in New York City on Monday. He added that his country would take counter-actions, including shooting down American warplanes."

  • ‘Rocket Man’ Vs. ‘Dotard’ in War of Words - 22 September 2017
    "A war of words is rising between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
    The two leaders have been exchanging unusually personal insults as international pressure on North Korea grows."








  • US Successfully Test Anti-Missile System - Text + Audio + Video - 31 May 2017
    "The U.S. Defense Department said it successfully tested a system to stop intercontinental ballistic missiles.
    The system destroyed an ICBM launched from an island in the Pacific Ocean."

    ICBM = intercontinental ballistic missile