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  • NOVEMBER 2016:

    • Election Day Guide Questions and Answers

    • American Voters Will Decide on More Than Just the Presidency - Text + Audio - 7 November 2016
      "On Tuesday, Americans will also mark ballots for Senate and House seats, governors, marijuana legalization, gun control, health care and minimum wage laws."


    • FBI: No Charges for Clinton After Review of New Emails - Text + Audio - 7 November 2016
      "The FBI says a review of newly-discovered emails does not change the agency’s earlier decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton. The FBI investigation focused on whether Clinton had sent secret government information through a private email server while serving as secretary of state."


    • FBI Director Accused of Interfering in US Election - Text + Audio + Video - 3 November 2016
      "Some Americans are criticizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation for possibly influencing the U.S. presidential election. The criticism started
      after the FBI’s Director James Comey announced that the agency was reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails."


      What Are the FBI and Department of Justice? - Text + Audio - 3 November 2016
      "Recent criticism of the FBI and its director raised questions about how the FBI relates to its parent agency, the Department of Justice.
      While completely separate agencies, the two closely cooperate in many kinds of investigations."


    • US election 2016: Clinton accuses Trump of bullying women - 2 November 2016
      "Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has looked past a fresh inquiry about her emails to label rival Donald Trump a "bully" who insults women.
      Mrs Clinton said Mr Trump had a 30-year history of "demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting" women.
      Meanwhile, Mr Trump has branded Mrs Clinton "corrupt" and said she would "destroy American healthcare forever"."

  • OCTOBER 2016:

    • US election: FBI probe into Clinton emails - what we know - Article + Videos - 29 October 2016
      "The FBI has found new emails that may be related to its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state."


    • Investigation of Hillary Clinton Emails to Be Reopened - Text + Audio - 28 October 2016
      "The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced it is reopening an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server."


    • Leaked Emails Show Inner Workings of Clinton Campaign - Text + Audio + Pictures - 26 October 2016
      "Leaked emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign raise questions about her connections to the Clinton Foundation.
      One email suggests the King of Morocco offered $12 million for the aide group and to cover costs of a foundation meeting.
      In return, the king expected Clinton to attend. But she didn't."


    • US election: Trump breaks from campaign to open Washington hotel - 26 October 2016
      "Republican candidate Donald Trump is taking a break from campaigning to open a new hotel bearing his name just blocks from the White House."


    • 'Trump Tower Live' Launches on Facebook - Text + Audio + Video - 25 October 2016
      "Facebook carried the first 'Trump Tower Live' program Monday night. The program looked similar to a nightly news show on television.
      Its aim is, as one presenter explained on Monday, to “bypass the left-wing media."


    • Does Sexism Affect US Presidential Race? - Text + Audio + Video + Pictures - 22 October 2016
      "Why did it take so long for a woman to be nominated in a country that works to empower women around the world?
      And, do feelings about the place of women affect how Americans react to a female candidate?"


    • Trump Is a Big Issue in US Congressional Elections - Text + Audio - 21 October 2016
      "Republican candidates for Congress must decide whether to support Donald Trump, their party’s candidate for president.
      Most are backing Trump.
      Others, like Senator John McCain, say they cannot support him after release of taped statements about unwanted sexual advances."


    • Missed the final presidential debate? We've mapped it out for you - interactive - 20 October 2016
      "Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump: all the clashes, questions, interruptions and flashpoints of the showdown in Las Vegas."


    • US presidential debate: Trump won't commit to accept election result - 20 October 2016

    • Are You a Nasty Woman or a Bad Hombre? - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 20 October 2016
      "People around the U.S. are reacting to two expressions used by Donald Trump during the U.S. presidential debate Wednesday night.
      He called Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman” and referred to Mexican drug dealers as “bad hombres"."


    • US Officials, Political Experts Dispute Trump’s Claims of 'Rigged' Election - Text + Audio + Pictures - 20 October 2016
      "Donald Trump says the Democratic Party and its supporters have “rigged” the election process.
      Political experts argue that widespread cheating is just about impossible. Results of earlier presidential elections have been disputed.
      But it is unusual to raise fairness questions before people vote."


    • Clinton v Trump round three - 19 October 2016

      1. No holds barred at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's final debate in Las Vegas
      2. Trump refuses to commit to accepting result if he loses, adding: "I will tell you at the time"
      3. The two argue over who is Vladimir Putin's "puppet" and Trump calls her a "nasty woman"
      4. Polls suggest Clinton is ahead nationally and in key battleground states

    • Who Are the Libertarian and Green Party Presidential Candidates? - Text + Audio + Photos - 6 August 2016
      "Most attention in the U.S. presidential race is going to Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.
      But two other candidates – Libertarian Gary Johnson and Jill Stein of the Green Party – are now getting more publicity and rising in the polls.
      Who are these candidates and can they win?"


      Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, and Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate

  • MAY 2016:

    • The new Republican center of gravity
      "From 'vehemently oppose' to 'all in': explore the universe of positions on Donald Trump.
      See which politicians have been sucked into orbit by the gas giant and which ones are resisting the pull."


    • May 1st 2016 in LA


  • APRIL 2016:

    • US Candidates Plan to Stop Trump from Winning Nomination - Text + Audio - 25 April 2016
      "Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich say it would be “a disaster” for the Republican Party if the businessman becomes its presidential nominee.
      On Sunday, Cruz and Kasich announced their plan to stop Trump from winning enough delegates to win the nomination."


      From left, Republican presidential candidates
      businessman Donald Trump; Texas Senator Ted Cruz; Ohio Governor John Kasich.

    • Trump, Clinton Win in New York, Move Closer to Nominations - Text + Audio - 20 April 2016
      "Businessman Donald Trump and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won big victories Tuesday in New York State’s primary election.
      Clinton now has nearly 80 percent of the nominating delegates she needs to become the Democratic Party’s candidate for president..."

    • US Election 2016: Top UN official condemns Trump - 15 April 2016
      "The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has condemned the policies of US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump,
      equating them to bigotry...
      He singled out the businessman's support of torture and his policies towards Muslims...
      The commissioner also criticised a plan by rival candidate Ted Cruz to conduct surveillance on Muslim neighbourhoods...
      During the campaign, Mr Trump has said that "torture works" and promised to bring back "a lot worse than waterboarding"."

    • How did Donald Trump make his fortune? - 13 April 2016
      "Republican presidential front-runner and billionaire businessman Donald Trump loves to talk about his money."

    • Cruz's Victory Slows Trump's Path - Text + Audio - 6 April 2016
      "With a victory in the state of Wisconsin, Texas Senator Ted Cruz slowed Donald Trump’s push to capture the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.
      The Wisconsin defeat is one of several setbacks for the Trump campaign in the past few days."


  • MARCH 2016:

  • FEBRUARY 2016:

    • US election 2016 What makes Super Tuesday so super? - Article + Photos + Video - 29 February 2016
      "After Donald Trump's resounding win in Nevada, the candidates are already shifting their focus to 1 March or Super Tuesday
      - a flood of primaries squeezed into a single day. Super Tuesday can be a day of reckoning for campaigns - exposing candidates who can't complete on the national stage and instantly catapulting others to the nomination."

    • Candidates Mimic Animals on Campaign Trail - Text + Audio + Video - 19 February 2016
      "Presidential candidates are making animal sounds in their speeches. Hillary Clinton barked. So did Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump growled. Alex Lee is a video producer from CNN. He used the social media app called Vine to put together a series of clips showing all the candidates."

    • US election 2016: Trump and Sanders win New Hampshire - 10 February 2016
      "Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders have shaken up the US presidential race with decisive victories in the New Hampshire primary."


      The billionaire v. the socialist - VIDEO - 10 February 2016
      Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have shaken up US politics - but how do the billionaire and the socialist stack up?"


    • Republican debate as it happened

      Key Points:
      1. Seven Republicans debated ahead of the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday
      2. Chris Christie attacked Marco Rubio, who came third in Iowa and is polling second in New Hampshire, for his track record as Florida senator
      3. Donald Trump, currently top of New Hampshire polls, battled Jeb Bush over government enforced land seizure
      4. Texas Senator Ted Cruz talked emotionally about drug abuse in New Hampshire and across the US
      5. Ohio Governor John Kasich denounced Mr Trump's plan to deport 11m undocumented immigrants
  • + Key Video

    • Who are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? - 2 February 2016
      "Rising stars of Republican party who defied Iowa pollsters are being likened to another young senator in a hurry – Barack Obama."



    • Republican Lindsey Graham quits 2016 race - 21 December 2015
      "His departure leaves 12 main Republicans left in the contest, six weeks before the battle for each party's nomination begins in Iowa."

    • Republican Presidential Candidates Discuss Terrorism, National Security - Text + Audio + Video - 16 December 2015
      "Final debate of the year took place less than two months before people in Iowa decide which candidate they support.
      The frontrunner, businessman Donald Trump, defended his plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., even American Muslims.
      Bush criticized Trump’s approach to politics."

    • Republican candidates clash over how to counter IS - 16 December 2015
      "Republican presidential hopefuls sparred over how to stop the so-called Islamic State (IS), in the first debate since attacks in California and Paris."

    • Rise in Immigrant Population Affecting US Elections - Text + Audio - 10 December 2015
      "The influx of immigrants into the United States during the 1990s is having an impact on the 2016 U.S. presidential race.
      Children born to immigrants in the 1990s are now 18 or will soon be 18 – the age when Americans are eligible to vote."

    • Donald Trump urges ban on Muslims coming to US - Article + Video - 8 December 2015
      "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a halt to Muslims entering the US, in the wake of the deadly California shootings."
    • Donald Trump wants 'total' halt to Muslims coming to US - VIDEO - 8 December 2015
      "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a temporary but total ban on Muslims entering the US, in the wake of the fatal California shootings.
      At a campaign rally in South Carolina, he said recent polls showed many Muslims nursed a "hatred" towards America.
      ''Where this hatred comes from and why, we will have to determine,'' he said."


  • NOVEMBER 2015:

    • Who Is Donald Trump?
      "We answer the question "Who Is Donald Trump?" - the 2016 Republican Party presidential candidate. 
      Donald John Trump was born in 1946 in Queens, New York. He’s been wealthy his entire life.
      His father, Fred Trump built a very successful real estate development business in the New York area..."

      Sources: Wikipedia + nytimes



    • Scott Walker: 'I'm helping to clear the field' - VIDEO - 22 September 2015
      "Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination to be US President.
      His decision comes amid dwindling contributions and plummeting poll numbers.
      He topped polls in the beginning of 2015 but lost popularity as Donald Trump began to dominate the race."

    • US presidential campaign stirs up plenty of controversy - VIDEO - 21 September 2015
      "With more than a year to go until the US presidential election, and already the campaign is stirring up plenty of controversy.
      On Sunday, Republican contender Ben Carson said he would not advocate a Muslim in the White House - a comment that has been criticised by many other candidates, and even led to some calls for him to get out of the race.
      The BBC's North America Editor Jon Sopel reports."



      • Second Republican Debate: Carly Fiorina dominates - 17 September 2015

      • The CNN Republican Debate in 90 Seconds - VIDEO



      • Republican presidential debate: Best quotes of the night - with PHOTOS
        "Fifteen Republican presidential candidates participated in the second set of debates at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.
         Here are the candidates' best quotes from the event."

      • Republican 2016 debate: Who were the winners and losers? - 17 September 2015
        "After a combative, three-hour debate among the top Republican candidates vying for the presidential nomination,
        who were the winners and losers?"


      • Donald Trump comes under attack in 2016 debate - 17 September 2015
        "Republican contenders for the US presidency have been taking part in their second live TV debate.
        Going into the debate, the outspoken billionaire Donald Trump was still ahead in the polls, but he came under attack from all sides.
        Laura Bicker reports from Washington."




  • AUGUST 2015:

    • 'Arrogant' Donald Trump Leads Republican Pack - 29 August 2015
      "Immigration continues to top the list of subjects being debated in the Republicans’ race for the White House.
      Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is gaining attention, and popularity, by making comments about immigration.
      New numbers show Mr. Trump pulling far ahead of former front-runner Jeb Bush."

    • The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet - 12 August 2015
      "Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig launches an unusual bid for the Democratic nomination."


      • Top Republican Presidential Candidates Debate - Text + Audio - 8 August 2015
        "Event marks the launch of the 2016 presidential campaign.
        As expected, billionaire businessman Donald Trump was the center of attention during the debate.
        The candidates strongly criticized President Obama’s immigration policies, the Iran nuclear agreement and Hillary Clinton."


      • Highlights from the Republican debate - VIDEO - 7 August 2015
        "Donald Trump wants to build a fence, Ted Cruz is not afraid to say 'violent Islamic extremism', Jeb Bush wouldn't have invaded Iraq
        - knowing what he knows now, and Rand Paul thinks Trump is already hedging his bets for the next President."


      • Republicans give their reaction to presidential debate - VIDEO - 7 August 2015

      • Defiant Donald Trump dominates US Republican TV debate - VIDEO - 7 August 2015

      • Republican 2016 debate: Who were the winners and losers? - 7 August 2015

      • First US Presidential Debate: What Will They Say Next? - Text + Audio - 7 August 2015
        "On August 6, the 10 candidates with the most public support will argue issues and politics in front of a live audience.
        The event will be broadcast on television as it happens. It will be the first of 11 debates planned through next March.
        Experts say most people will watch to see Donald Trump."


      • US election 2016: How have early frontrunners fared? - VIDEO - 5 August 2015
        "Thursday's Republican debate marks the first contest of the 2016 presidential campaign season - and the field is certainly crowded.
        But both parties have their frontrunners, with Donald Trump on top for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton leading the Democrats.
        However, history shows that those leading the polls 15 months before the election don't always stay on top.
        So what's happened to those early leaders in the past?"


      • A fun guide to the 10 Republicans who made the debate - 4 August 2015
        "Welcome to the first US presidential primary debate - the first round in the longest electoral game show in the world.
        Ten lucky Republican candidates have managed to squeeze in enough name-recognition to win a spot on stage."





  • MAY 2015:

    • More Republicans Join 2016 Presidential Race - Text + Audio - 8 May 2015
      "This week one woman and two men announced they would campaign for the Republican party's nomination for president.
      Only one of them has held political office. They join three United States senators who have already announced their candidacies."


      "From left, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Mike Huckabee
      have announced their campaigns for the Republican nomination for president."

    • Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson launch Republican 2016 bids - 4 May 2015

  • APRIL 2015:

    • 'Socialist' Bernie Sanders announces White House run - VIDEO - 30 April 2015 :
      "Bernie Sanders, a US senator from Vermont who identifies as a socialist, has announced
      he is seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency."

    • Guide to 2016 Campaign: Money and Super PAC - Text + Audio
      "Raising money is an important part of any election in America. Candidates for the 2016 race for the White House and Congress are busy
      lining up dollars to fund their elections. VOA Learning English helps explain how the campaign finance systems work in the U.S."

    • Baltimore Police End Investigation of Freddie Gray’s Death - Text + Audio - 30 April 2015
      "Prosecutors will now decide whether to charge six police officers involved in Mr. Gray’s arrest.
      Also in the news, Pakistan sentences 10 men for attack on Malala;
      Nigeria says 150 more freed from Boko Haram;
      Bernie Sanders enters 2016 U.S. presidential race;
      Boy rescued five days after Nepal quake."

    • Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Campaign for President - Text + Audio - 14 April 2015
      “I’m running for president." Hillary Clinton kicks off her anticipated campaign for the presidency with a video posted on YouTube.
      With her second run for the White House, the former first lady and Secretary of State is hoping to become the first female president of the United States."



    • Guide to the US Presidential Campaign, Part One - 12 April 2015
      "Every four years Americans go to the polls in November to pick a president.
      Americans will elect the next president in November of 2016.
      Although the election is still more than a year away, candidates have been announcing they are running.
      The candidates will compete in caucuses and primaries."