It is celebrated on the third Monday in February.


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  • Washington Has Three Birthdays and Other Presidential Fun Facts - Article + Audio + Quiz - 15 February 2015
    "Americans honor the first president, George Washington, in February.
    But the day the United States government calls George Washington's Birthday is not really his birthday.
    Some states consider the holiday a time to remember other past presidents, too. How much do you know about American leaders?"


  • The First Presidential Assassination Attempt
    "As any student of U.S. or presidential history knows, there have been four assassinations of U.S. presidents.
    Two were very famous, two not as well-known...
    On April 14, 1865, actor and southern sympathizer John Wilkes Booth shot our 16th president Abraham Lincoln at Ford's theater...
    On July 2, 1881, 20th U.S. President James Garfield was assassinated by a ne'er-do-well named Charles J. Guiteau...
    Our 25th president, William McKinley, was shot in the pancreas by anarchist Leon Czolgosz on September 6, 1901...
    On November 22, 1963, 35th president John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald..."
  • The Bible - N° 8
    "The tradition of the President taking his oath of office with his hand on a Bible was first begun by George Washington during his first inauguration..."






  • Presidents' Day - An Educational Virtual Museum for Primary Students
    Activities + President's Day Literature

  • "Visit THE PRESIDENTS online
    Immerse yourself in the stories of the men who shaped the nation in their own unique ways.
    Abraham Lincoln, who governed a house divided.
    Woodrow Wilson, the peacemaker;
    Kennedy, the Cold Warrior;
    Jimmy Carter, the engineer;
    "Silent Cal" Coolidge
    and the bellicose Theodore Roosevelt;
    Richard Nixon, the anti-communist;
    Ronald Reagan, the actor turned politician,
    and more."



  • American Presidents : Life Portraits
    "This web site, created for the television series, contains a complete video archive of all American Presidents:
    Life Portraits programming, plus these additional resources:
    . Biographical facts
    . Key events of each presidency
    . Presidential places
    . Reference material"



  • The US Presidents: The First Ten - The Presidents: 11 - 20
    "Find lots of useful information regarding their lives and Presidencies."
  • The American Presidency: Foundations, The Campaign Trail, Life and Death in the White House, and Communicating the Presidency.
    - activities and lesson plans