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Immigration: The Mexico-US Border

US Elections (2016)

The Presidential Election of 2012







  • News Words: Executive Order - VIDEO
    "This week's News Words is about the Executive Branch of government in the United States."



  • News Words: President-elect - VIDEO - 29 December 2016
    "This news word is the title of a political job."




  • Who is Lt General H. R. McMaster? - with a video - 21 February 2017
    "Donald Trump's new national security adviser is a 'warrior-thinker' known for challenging convention."

  • Scott Pruitt: Controversial Trump environment nominee sworn in - 18 February 2017
    "US President Donald Trump's nominee has been sworn in to lead the Environmental Protection Agency."
    + Video: Matt McGrath explains why we should care about climate change.

    + Video: Trump's busy first month in 90 seconds
  • Cabinet of Donald Trump
    "This article lists the cabinet of United States President Donald Trump, who assumed office on January 20, 2017."







  • Trump Wants Big Increases for Military, Cuts in Foreign Aid - Text + Audio - 16 March 2017
    "As a candidate for president Donald Trump promised to make major changes in American’s government and his first budget does that. He proposed
    a big increase in military spending, and money to build a wall along the U.S. southern border. But he proposes big cuts in foreign aid and other programs."


  • Vice President Breaks Senate Tie to Approve New Secretary of Education - Text + Audio - 7 February 2017
    "The United States Senate has narrowly approved Betsy DeVos to lead the federal Department of Education."


  • Trump Defends Travel Ban Despite Protests, Legal Action - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 30 January 2017
    "President Donald Trump is defending his executive order that bans people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.
    The order puts a 90-day entry ban on people from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Yemen.
    It also prevents refugees from entering the country for 120 days.

  • US Has a Long History of Restricting Immigrants - Text + Audio + Pictures - 30 January 2017
    "Trump’s government is not the first administration to restrict immigration, including on the basis of national origin."


  • US Presidents Make History with Executive Orders - Text + Audio - 28 January 2017
    "After a week in office, President Donald Trump has already signed a number of executive orders and memoranda.
    They affect health care and trade with other countries, among other things."

  • Mexican President Cancels Meeting with Trump - Text + Audio - 26 January 2017
    "Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has cancelled a meeting with the new president of the United States, Donald Trump.
    The meeting had been planned for next week. Pena Nieto acted shortly after Trump posted on Twitter about plans for building a wall between Mexico and the U.S."

  • Trump Announces Plan for Border Wall - Text + Audio + Video - 25 January 2017
    "One of Donald Trump’s first promises as a presidential candidate was to build a big wall along America’s southern border.
    On Wednesday, now President Trump announced his plans to start building the wall within months."

  • Trump Withdraws US from TPP Trade Deal - Text + Audio - 23 January 2017
    "On his 4th day as president, Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. The move was expected.
    Trump has long criticized the deal as harmful to American workers. "

  • Trump Clash with John Lewis Leads to Inauguration Boycott - Text + Audio + Pictures + Videos - 17 January 2017
    "Representative John Lewis said that he will not attend President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration because he does not think he is a legitimate president.
    Trump's criticism of Lewis on Twitter has led other representatives to boycott the inauguration."

  • Washington Businesses, Hotels Prepare for Trump Inauguration - Text + Audio - 16 January 2017
    "Hundreds of thousands of people will travel to Washington, D.C., to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump."


  • Trump Says He Now Believes Russia Was Behind Election Hacking - Text + Audio - 11 January 2017
    "U.S. President-elect Donald Trump says he believes Russia was involved in cyberattacks during the election.
    It was the first time Trump has admitted Russian involvement in hacking computers of the Democratic National Committee.
    His comments came during his first press conference since the election."


  • Trump Appoints Son-in-Law as Top Adviser - Text + Audio - 10 January 2017
    "President-elect Donald Trump has appointed his son-in-law Jared Kushner to a high-level position in his administration. Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump."


  • US Intelligence: Top Russian Officials Tried to Influence 2016 Election - Text + Audio + Pictures + Videos - 5 January 2017
    "U.S. intelligence leaders say high-level Russian officials were responsible for attacking American computers during the 2016 election.
    U.S. lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the hacking. President-elect Donald Trump questions U.S. intelligence on this matter."

  • Trump's Nominees to Face Senate Confirmation Hearings - Text + Audio + Video - 4 January 2017
    "Two weeks before Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, the U.S. Congress is already considering his nominees for top government positions."


  • Trump Softening Some Immigration Positions - Text + Audio - 19 December 2016
    "President-elect Donald Trump is still promising stronger enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.
    But he is also softening some of the proposals he made while running for president against Hillary Clinton."


  • Obama: US Will Act Against Russia for Email Hacking - Text + Audio - 16 December 2016
    "President Barack Obama says the U.S. will take action against Russia for carrying out cyberattacks during the election.
    He said intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia was responsible for leaking emails of political institutions.
    Obama did not specify what action would be taken."


  • US Looks Into Possible Russian Interference in U.S. Election - Text + Audio - 14 December 2016
    "President Obama and top Republicans in Congress have agreed to investigate apparent Russian attacks on American computers.
    Some believe the cyberattacks were designed to influence the 2016 election."


  • TIME Magazine Names Donald Trump “Person of the Year” - Text + Audio + Video - 7 December 2016
    "Time magazine named Donald Trump its “Person of the Year” on Wednesday. The magazine called him “President of the Divided States of America” on its cover."

  • Trump Begins Forming White House Team with Campaign Loyalists - Text + Audio + Pictures - 15 November 2016
    "U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has begun choosing his top White House advisors.
    His first two choices, Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon, were announced on Sunday. More appointments are expected this week."

  • President-elect Trump to Meet with China's Xi - Text + Audio - 14 November 2016
    "American President-elect Donald-Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are reported to be planning a meeting
    to discuss relations between their countries."

  • Days After U.S. Election Marked By Protests - Text + Audio + Pictures - 11 November 2016
    "Americans protested Donald Trump’s election on Wednesday night and into Thursday. Events were both peaceful and violent from New York to California."

  • World Leaders Reach Out to US President-elect Donald Trump - Text + Audio + Pictures - 10 November 2016
    "World leaders were quick to congratulate Donald Trump on his presidential election victory over Hillary Clinton.
    Many have also shown a willingness to meet with the president-elect to begin talks on beginning a new phase in relations."




  • How much do you remember from Trump's first 50 days in office? – quiz
    "Fifty questions on the reality star turned president’s frequently controversial start to his four years in the White House."


  • Time person of the year quiz: How much do you know about previous winners? - interactive - 7 December 2016
    "The US publication has been naming the person who "for better or for worse... has done the most to influence the events of the year" since the 1920s..."


    "Pour un rappel de cours sur les comparatifs et les doubles comparatifs, voici une idée totally November 2016.
    Une fois le tableau de la diapo 2 analysé, faire apparaître les adjectifs de chaque rubrique (c'est aux élèves de les trouver)
    et faire produire des phrases à l'oral ou à l'écrit, seuls ou en groupes, en fonction des classes et des connaissances antérieures."

    Download the powerpoint.
    Activity created by Cyril Dussuchaud (Ac. Limoges)




  • USA and Russia in election hacking tit-for-tat (1st January, 2017) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "A new crisis is looming between the USA and Russia over U.S. allegations that Russia hacked Hillary Clinton's emails during the U.S. election."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels: Hacking - Level 4  or  Hacking - Level 5
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)

  • Trump wins US election - a lesson
    "This lesson focuses on Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential elections. Students read about and discuss how and why Trump won the race."

  • World leaders have mixed reactions to Trump victory (November 11, 2016) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "World leaders have congratulated Donald Trump on his surprise win in the U.S. Presidential election on Tuesday."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels:   Level 0Level 1   or  Level 2
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)




Cartoon: Trump's Tapping Accusations - 8 March 2017
THE CARTOON + EXPLANATION + Related articles




Un homme prend une photo
d'une peinture de l'artiste Bambi
parodiant l'affiche du film La La Land
avec Theresa May et Donald Trump
(Mensonge Mensonge Land),
à Londres, le 22 février 2017.



Cartoon: Trump Sees Red

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Cartoon: Peak Trump
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Cartoon: Trump's UK Visit
- COMMENT + NOTES + Related articles
- 1 February 2017



Trump Nation - Cartoons






Steve Bell on Donald Trump and the Russia dossier – cartoon
- 11 January 2017


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  • Explainer: MOAB Bomb
    "The US military targeted an Islamic State bunker complex in northeastern Afghanistan with a GBU-43 bomb known as MOAB - Massive Ordnance Air Blast.
    Described by military officials as the "mother of all bombs" here are some details on this powerful weapon used for the first time on April 13, 2017."


    US Drops Largest Non-nuclear Bomb on IS in Afghanistan - Text + Audio - 13 April 2017
    "Based on its acronym, the U.S. Air Force has nicknamed it the "Mother of All Bombs."


    A Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) weapon is prepared for testing
    at the Eglin Air Force Armament Center on March 11, 2003.

  • Explainer: Wiretapping in the U.S. - 20 March 2017


  • Explainer: Executive Order - VIDEO
    "U.S. Presidents have many tools to steer the government. One that’s gotten a lot of recent attention is the executive order."






  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Address to Career Diplomats - VIDEO - 2 February 2017
    "Rex Tillerson was sworn in as the United State's Secretary of State on February 1. He is the former chairman and chief executive of ExxonMobil.
    This is his first address to career diplomats at the State Department."




  • US Supreme Court Justices - VIDEO
    "U.S. President Donald Trump is set to nominate a justice to the Supreme Court. How does this process work?"



  • Video: The Netherlands Welcomes Trump in His Own Words - 23 January 2017
    + COMMENT + Related articles


    "The whole world was watching for the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States: Donald J. Trump.
    Because we realize it's better for us to get along, we decided to introduce our tiny country to him.
    In a way that will probably appeal to him the most."

  • Donald Trump's promises for day one of his presidency – video - 19 January 2017
    "In the months leading up to his presidency Donald Trump has made numerous pledges about what he will do on his first day in office.
    From repealing Obamacare to building a wall to withdrawing from TPP, here are some of the promises Trump has made."



  • TIME Magazine Names Donald Trump “Person of the Year” - Text + Audio + Video - 7 December 2016
    "Time magazine named Donald Trump its “Person of the Year” on Wednesday. The magazine called him “President of the Divided States of America” on its cover."


  • How far is too far for Donald Trump? – video - 23 November 2016
    "Steven W Thrasher asks how far Donald Trump has to go before people stop seeing him as ‘just another president’.
    Trump has installed members of the extreme ‘alt-right’ in the White House and been endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan.
    So what will it take for the public and political class to stop normalising him?"



  • Trump Meets Obama at the White House - VIDEO - 10 November 2016
    "President Barack Obama invited President-elect Donald Trump to the White House today. It is part of the process for a peaceful transition of power.
    Trump will be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2017."