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(Updated on 24/10/2016)


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  • FBI: No Charges for Clinton After Review of New Emails - Text + Audio - 7 November 2016
    "The FBI says a review of newly-discovered emails does not change the agency’s earlier decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton. The FBI investigation focused on whether Clinton had sent secret government information through a private email server while serving as secretary of state."

  • US Presidential Candidates Have Similar Positions on Terrorism - Text + Audio + Video - 5 November 2016
    "Both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump say they want to defeat the Islamic State, or IS, terrorist group.
    They also both say they want to stop the radicalization of young people in the United States."

  • FBI Director Accused of Interfering in US Election - Text + Audio + Video - 3 November 2016
    "Some Americans are criticizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation for possibly influencing the U.S. presidential election. The criticism started
    after the FBI’s Director James Comey announced that the agency was reopening an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails."


    What Are the FBI and Department of Justice? - Text + Audio - 3 November 2016
    "Recent criticism of the FBI and its director raised questions about how the FBI relates to its parent agency, the Department of Justice.
    While completely separate agencies, the two closely cooperate in many kinds of investigations."

  • Grammar and Presidential Elections: Part One - Text + Audio - 27 October 2016
    "Political candidates like to use certain grammatical structures when they speak. They use these structures because they can have a rhetorical effect.
    In today's program, we explore one common structure: the deliberate fragment."


    Grammar and US Presidential Elections: Part Two - Text + Audio - 3 November 2016
    "When politicians give speeches, they talk about any number of things, such as their beliefs, personal history, or opinions on major issues.
    Today, we explore another strategy politicians often use to present ideas: sentence cohesion."


  • Leaked Emails Show Inner Workings of Clinton Campaign - Text + Audio + Pictures - 26 October 2016
    "Leaked emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign raise questions about her connections to the Clinton Foundation.
    One email suggests the King of Morocco offered $12 million for the aide group and to cover costs of a foundation meeting.
    In return, the king expected Clinton to attend. But she didn't."

  • Are You a Nasty Woman or a Bad Hombre? - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 20 October 2016
    "People around the U.S. are reacting to two expressions used by Donald Trump during the U.S. presidential debate Wednesday night.
    He called Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman” and referred to Mexican drug dealers as “bad hombres"."


  • US Officials, Political Experts Dispute Trump’s Claims of 'Rigged' Election - Text + Audio + Pictures - 20 October 2016
    "Donald Trump says the Democratic Party and its supporters have “rigged” the election process.
    Political experts argue that widespread cheating is just about impossible. Results of earlier presidential elections have been disputed.
    But it is unusual to raise fairness questions before people vote."


  • Trump's Numbers Falling After Video Fallout - Text + Audio - 12 October 2016
    "Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump says that he is probably better off without the support of some members of his party.
    The Republicans’ withdrawal followed the release of a video from 2005. In it, Trump said that he kisses and touches women sexually without their permission.
  • US Presidential Debate Most-Tweeted Ever - Text + Audio + Video - 10 October 2016
    "Recently released negative information about Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton made their second meeting tense.
    Trump said he was “not proud” of insulting words he had for women in a video 11 years ago.
    Clinton defended her statements to donors and her use of private email."

  • US Vice Presidential Candidates Debate Policies of Trump, Clinton - Text + Audio - 5 October 2016
    "Tim Kaine and Mike Pence attacked the policy proposals of each other’s campaigns Tuesday during the only vice presidential debate.
    They also talked about nuclear weapons, the situation in Syria, and criminal justice in the United States."

  • Vice President: From Joke Target to Top Adviser - Text + Audio + Photos - 2 October 2016
    "On Tuesday, the two candidates for U.S. vice president will join in a televised debate. They are seeking an office that didn’t always get much respect. In fact, the first U.S. vice president, John Adams, called it “the most insignificant ever.” But the duties for the vice president are now bigger."

  • New Tech Tools Might Help Americans Choose a President - Text + Audio + Video - 29 September 2016
    "Many people still do not know who they want as U.S. president. There are new tech tools to help them choose.
    They make information about the candidates and issues easily accessible. And they provide an online platform for public debate."

  • US Presidential Debate Shows Disagreement on Asia Policy - Text + Audio - 28 September 2016
    "American presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump showed sharp difference on allies in East Asia in their first debate Monday night.
    Clinton criticized Trump’s calls for a possible U.S. military withdrawal from the area if America’s allies fail to pay a bigger share of defense costs."


    "South Korean Marines take part in a U.S.-South Korea joint exercise last year.
    The two allies have held joint exercises to several times this year including naval drills."

  • Next Week’s Presidential Debate Could Make History - Text + Audio - 22 September 2016
    "Next Monday, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will debate each other on national television for the first time.
    Many think their debate could draw the largest audience ever to watch an American political event."

  • Voters in Just a Few States Will Decide US Presidential Election - Text + Audio - 18 September 2016
    "On November 8 this year, Americans across the country will vote for president. But the candidate who wins the most votes will not necessarily be the winner. Instead, 538 state electors officially choose the president. And this year -- as in the past -- some states are more important than others."

  • US Presidential Candidates Prepare to Take Office - Text + Audio - 11 September 2016
    "Even though no voter has yet marked a presidential ballot, aides to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are preparing for their candidates to win
    and are getting ready to lead the federal government. The teams are working in the same building near the White House."

  • Clinton Blasts Trump Proposals in Economic Speech - Text + Audio + Video - 11 August 2016
    "Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted opponent Donald Trump’s tax and trade proposals as she laid out her own economic plan Thursday. Trump had outlined his economic policies earlier on Monday during a speech in Detroit. He also criticized Clinton’s economic plan."

  • Free Trade an Important Issue in US Elections - Text + Audio - 3 August 2016
    "An international free trade agreement has become an important issue in the American presidential election.
    The trade agreement is called TPP, short for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Officials from 12 countries negotiated the treaty.
    Those countries control 40 percent of the world economy."

  • Trump ‘Asks’ Russia to Hack Clinton’s Emails - Text + Audio - 27 July 2016
    "Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump made an unusual request Wednesday. He asked Russia’s help to find and make public missing emails from his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. His vice presidential running-mate took a different view, warning of consequences if Russia interfered."

  • Michelle Obama Gives Powerful Speech at Democratic Convention - Text + Audio + Video - 26 July 2016
    "First Lady Michelle Obama stole the show in Philadelphia.
    Her powerful and emotional speech is already being called, by some, one of the best speeches in Democratic National Convention history."

  • Trump Follows Nixon’s Lead in Calling for Law and Order - Text + Audio - 22 July 2016
    "Donald Trump promised Thursday that if he is elected president he would lead a major effort to improve law and order.
    Trump is not the first candidate for president to do so. Richard Nixon also promised to reduce crime when he ran for president in 1968."


  • Trump Vows to End Growing Violence If Elected - Text + Audio - 22 July 2016
    "Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday and vowed to end growing violence in America if elected.
    Trump spoke during the final day of the Republican Party convention in Cleveland."

  • Trump's Untraditional Path to the Republican Nomination - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 21 July 2016
    "Donald Trump officially became the Republican nominee for president at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, this week.
    Donald Trump has taken an untraditional path to win the nomination. He has never held a public office."

  • Security Tightened for US Political Conventions - Text + Audio - 17 July 2016
    "American officials are increasing security for the upcoming Republican and Democratic political conventions. This comes after five police officers
    were shot and killed in Dallas, and also the terrorist attack in Nice, France. Federal officials say they are concerned about the possibility of violence."

  • Cleveland, Philadelphia Increase Security for Political Conventions - Text + Audio - 11 July 2016
    "The two main political parties in the U.S. will officially nominate their presidential candidates at national political conventions later this month.
    The Republican Party is holding its national convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The Democrats will hold their convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

  • Clinton Could Be First US Woman President - Text + Audio - 15 June 2016
    "Hillary Clinton is making history. She now has enough delegates to win the Democratic Party nomination for president.
    That’s the first time in America’s history that a major party is nominating a woman for president, though other women have run.
    Why has it taken so long?"

  • Clinton Has Delegates to Win Nomination - Text + Audio - 7 June 2016
    "The AP news service is reporting that Hillary Clinton has enough delegates to be the Democratic Party presidential candidate.
    That would make Clinton the first woman to be a major party nominee in U.S. history."


  • Trump: Comments About Judge Were 'Misconstrued' - Text + Audio - 7 June 2016
    "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is receiving bipartisan criticism for comments about the judge overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University. Trump has said he believes U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel cannot rule fairly because of his “Mexican heritage.”

  • Violence Erupts at Trump Campaign Event - Text + Audio - 25 May 2016
    "Protestors threw rocks, plastic bottles and other items at police officers outside the convention center in Albuquerque.
    The police returned with pepper spray and smoke grenades.
    Police said several officers were injured and at least one person was arrested on Tuesday evening."


  • Clinton, Trump are a Study in Contrasts - Text + Audio - 6 May 2016
    "Wealthy businessman Donald Trump and Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have very different ideas about U.S. policy.
    Here are some of their positions on foreign policy, national security and other issues."


  • Trump Is 'Presumptive' Republican Nominee as Cruz Exits - Text + Audio - 4 May 2016
    "Donald Trump becomes the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee following the suspension of Ted Cruz’s campaign.
    On Twitter, the chairman of the Republican Party confirmed Trump as the presumptive nominee and called for unity to defeat Hillary Clinton."


  • Boston Newspaper Explores Trump Presidency - Text + Audio - 11 April 2016
    "The Boston Globe newspaper published a special front page on Sunday. The special page was dated one year in the future.
    It had stories about what might happen if businessman Donald Trump becomes elected president of the United States.
    Trump sharply criticized the newspaper and its “make-believe” stories."



  • Cruz's Victory Slows Trump's Path - Text + Audio
    "With a victory in the state of Wisconsin, Texas Senator Ted Cruz slowed Donald Trump’s push to capture the Republican Party’s presidential nomination.
    The Wisconsin defeat is one of several setbacks for the Trump campaign in the past few days."


  • Foreign Leaders Taking Sides Against Donald Trump - Text + Audio - 25 March 2016
    "Usually, government leaders do not say much about elections in other countries. But this year is an exception.
    Some world leaders are giving their views about one U.S. presidential candidate. That candidate is businessman Donald Trump.
    And most of the comments are negative."


  • Growing Violence at Donald Trump Campaign Events - Text + Audio - 13 March 2016
    "Other presidential candidates say Trump is responsible for the fights.
    Some Republican candidates say they may not be able to support him if he is their party’s nominee."


  • Trending Today: #SuperTuesday - Text + Audio - 1 March 2016
    "Tuesday, March 1, marks the most important day so far in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. The day is called “Super Tuesday.”
    Voters from 13 states and 1 territory will be choosing their preferred candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties.
    The hashtag #SuperTuesday trended worldwide."


  • Super Delegates: The Secret Force Behind Candidates - Text + Audio - 1 March 2016
    "Delegates are members of the Democratic and Republican parties who select candidates for president. Most delegates are elected. But some are “superdelegates,” selected by their parties. Here’s how they work. And why superdelegates are helping Hillary Clinton win the Democratic nomination."


  • Clinton, Sanders Debate in New Hampshire - Text + Audio - 5 February 2016
    "The Democratic presidential candidates traded sharp words as their competition to become the party's nominee gets closer.
    Clinton accused Sander's campaign of practising the "art of the smear." 


  • On to New Hampshire for US Presidential Candidates - Text + Audio - 3 February 2016
    "Iowa voters surprised political experts this week.
    Most Republican Party voters expressed support for one of three candidates: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.
    No Democratic candidate won a clear majority. The near tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders signals a long contest ahead."


  • Cruz Over Trump, While Dems in Dead Heat - Text + Audio - 2 February 2016
    "The Iowa vote finished with Ted Cruz as the leader in the Republican primary caucus race.
    Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were only slightly apart when the polling was counted after midnight.
    The Iowa caucus, or primary, is the first in the U.S. for a final election in November."


  • Investigators: Shooters Planned California Attack for a Year - Text + Audio - 9 December 2015
    "The shooters who killed 14 in California appear to have planned their attack.
    And because they were Muslim, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he wants to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States, even those who are U.S. citizens."