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(Updated on 27/05/2016)



  • A Look at the World’s 15 Most Impressive National Parks:
    1. Iguazu National Park, Argentina
    2. Canaima National Park, Venezuela
    3. Banff National Park, Canada
    4. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
    5. Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica
    6. Galapagos National Park, Ecuador
    7. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA
    8. Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
    9. Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
    10. Kruger National Park, South Africa




  • 13 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Park Rangers
    "Here are a few insights about what life is like as a park ranger for the NPS and other agencies, from their biggest perils to some of their most special moments."





  • Nature Valley Trail View offers neat panoramic tours of the Grand Canyon, Great Smokies and Yellowstone.


  • Images - National Park Service - Digital Image Archives
    Images of National Parks, Monuments, Battlefields and Historic Sites



Symbols :


National Park Week :


Listening :

  • Visiting Sacred Grounds in National Park Monuments - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 4 September 2016
    "The year 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service. Adventurer and traveler Mikah Meyer is celebrating in a big way.
    He is traveling all across America. He plans to visit each of the more than 400 National Park Service sites."


  • National Park Service Turns 100 - Text + Audio + Video - 25 August 2016
    "Today the U.S. National Park Service turns 100. It was founded in 1916."



  • US Park Service Director: A Dream Job - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 22 July 2016
    "The U.S. National Park Service is in charge of many popular places in the country.
    More than 300 million people from around the world visit America’s national parks each year.
    Recently, the head of the park service, Jonathan Jarvis, spoke with VOA about his job."

  • Shenandoah: A Western-Style Park in the East - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 22 July 2016
    "This week on our national parks journey, we visit a mountainous landscape on America’s east coast.
    Within the park are rocky peaks, rolling green hills, and spectacular waterfalls.
    It is also home to hundreds of black bears. Welcome to Shenandoah National Park, in the state of Virginia."

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: A Fiery World - Text + Audio - 3 April 2016
    "Our national parks journey this week takes us to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and America’s 50th state.
    We are exploring the unique and fiery world that is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park."



Poems :

Lesson plans :

  • No frying eggs in Death Valley, says park (July 13, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Officials at the Death Valley National Park have appealed to visitors to refrain from trying to fry eggs on rocks or the ground."


Webquests :


  • United States and Canadian National Park Presentation
    "You are a Park Ranger and are lucky enough to have a partner.
    You work in one of the United States or Canada s national parks.
    Visitor attendance has dropped dramatically. Your boss is very concerned, as are you.
    Your job, along with your partner, is to make a Power Point presentation to attract new visitors to your park."


Arches National Park, in eastern Utah:


  • The Strange and Beautiful World of Arches National Park - Text + Audio + Pictures
    "This week, we visit a park filled with strange and beautiful colored rock formations. These formations have been created over millions of years.
    They curve and narrow and balance on top of one another.  Many seem to ignore the rules of gravity. Welcome to Arches National Park!"

Big Bend National Park, inTexas:

  • Big Bend National Park: A Texas Treasure - Text + Audio + Photos
    "Today on our national parks journey, we head to the far western part of Texas. The landscape here is severe.
    The Chisos Mountains rise from the desert. The Rio Grande River cuts deep into ancient limestone rock. Cactus plants flower under the intense sun. Welcome to Big Bend National Park."


Biscayne National Park, in Florida:


Black Canyon of the Gunnison, in Colorado:

  • Wild Surroundings at Black Canyon of the Gunnison- Text + Audio + Photos
    "Our national parks journey this week takes us to the western state of Colorado. There, you will find a 77-kilometer-long canyon.
    The canyon is so narrow and so deep that sunlight shines only briefly at the bottom at midday.
    That frequent darkness is what has given this canyon its name."



Canyonlands, in Utah:


Crater Lake National Park, in Oregon:

  • Crater Lake National Park: A Blue Jewel - Text + Audio + Photos - 12 August 2016
    "This week on our national parks journey, we travel to the northwestern state of Oregon. Here, you find will a huge, deep lake.
    Its waters seem impossibly blue. It is the deepest lake in America and one of the deepest in the world.
    Its water among the clearest and purest found on Earth."


Denali, in Alaska:

  • Denali: The Alaskan Wild - Text + Audio + Photos - 2 September 2016
    "Denali’s grounds covers more than 2.4 million hectares.
    Within the park are glaciers, clear rivers, peaceful forests, and wildlife such as wolves, moose, bears, and sheep."


    "Mt. McKinley is seen on a rare sunny day this summer on Friday, Aug. 19, 2011, in Denali National Park, Alaska.
    Mt. McKinley is the highest mountain peak in North America and the United States,
    with a summit elevation of 20,320 feet (6,194 m) above sea level."


Glacier Bay, in Alaska:

  • Glacier Bay: A Land Reborn - Text + Audio + Pictures
    "Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park is both a beautiful place to visit, and a history lesson in glacier activity."




Grand Canyon:

  • The Grand Canyon: A Sight Beyond Words - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 19 August 2016
    "Many writers have tried to describe the wonder of the Grand Canyon. They use words like mysterious, overpowering, and strange.
    But it is not possible to put human meaning to such a place. The Grand Canyon truly is beyond words."



  • The Grand Canyon: Beyond Words - Text + Audio + Video - 16 March 2016
    "Our National Parks journey continues this week in one of the most popular and beautiful places in America: Grand Canyon National Park.
    Many writers have tried to describe the wonder of the Grand Canyon. But for first-time visitors, the Grand Canyon is truly beyond words."

  • 'Uranium rush' prompts Grand Canyon fears 
    "A new "gold rush" is under way in the American West, but this time the prospectors are out for another metal: uranium.
    The Grand Canyon region in the US state of Arizona holds one of the nation's largest concentrations of high grade uranium, the fuel for nuclear power."

    + VIDEOS


    Do uranium mines belong near Grand Canyon?
    "Mining companies stake claims on federal land adjoining the park, while opponents say drinking water will be at risk."



  • Let's go to Arizona!
    "How much do you know about Arizona? Here are several activities related to this famous state.
    Listen , look , play and learn.
    Activities created by Renée Maufroid


Grand Teton, in Wyoming:



Hot Springs, in Arkansas:

Isle Royale, in Michigan:


Joshua Tree National Park, California:


Mammoth Cave National Park, in Kentucky:

  • Mammoth Cave: Grand and Gloomy - Text + Audio + Pictures
    "This week on our national parks journey, we head to the southeastern state of Kentucky. Here you will find rolling hills and thick green forests.
    But beneath the land is a strange and silent underground world. Welcome to Mammoth Cave National Park!"


Mesa Verde:

  • Mesa Verde National Park: Protecting an Ancient Culture - Text + Audio + Photos - 17 April 2016
    "Mesa Verde offer visitors a look into the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people, who lived in the area between 700 and 1,400 years ago.
    The national park protects almost 5,000 archaeological sites. They are some of the best preserved archeological areas in the country."


Olympic National Park, in Washington State:

  • There's Something for Everyone at Olympic National Park - Text + Audio + Pictures
    "With mountains, beaches, forests, and glaciers, there is truly something for everyone in Washington State's Olympic National Park."


    Olympic National Park's Hurricane Ridge

Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park: Wild and Wonderful - Text + Audio + Photos - 5 August 2016
    "Our national parks journey this week takes us to an extreme landscape in Colorado.
    Around us are clear lakes, aspen and fir trees, and mountain peaks that rise over 4,400 meters.
    Join us as we explore Rocky Mountain National Park."


Sequoia and Kings Canyon, in California:

  • Sequoia and Kings Canyon: A Land of Giants - Text + Audio + Photos
    (This week, we visit a place where you will find the world's largest living things, as well as the tallest mountain in the continental United States.
    Welcome to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, in central California!"


Shenandoah National Park, in Virginia:

  • Shenandoah: A Western-Style Park in the East - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 22 July 2016
    "This week on our national parks journey, we visit a mountainous landscape on America’s east coast.
    Within the park are rocky peaks, rolling green hills, and spectacular waterfalls.
    It is also home to hundreds of black bears. Welcome to Shenandoah National Park, in the state of Virginia."


Theodore Roosevelt National Park, in North Dakota:

  • A National Park for the Father of Parks - Text + Audio + Pictures
    "Theodore Roosevelt, America's 26th president, has said, "I would not have been president had it not been for my experience in North Dakota."
    Today, we visit a national park in the state named in his honor."



Virgin Islands National Park:

  • Virgin Islands National Park: America's Paradise - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video
    "The Virgin Islands National Park is a tropical paradise on the island of St. John. The park covers more than half of the small island.
    It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south."




Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, in Alaska:

  • Wrangell-St. Elias: The Largest National Park in America - Text + Audio + Video + Pictures
    "Today we are visiting a vast and remote park in the state of Alaska. The park is bigger than the country of Switzerland.
    It is six times the size of Yellowstone. In fact, it is the largest national park in America. Its name is Wrangell-St. Elias."


Yellowstone :



  • Yellowstone - A WebQuest
    "The park of yellowstone is the most important national park of the United States. Not only for its natural captivation and landscape beauty, but also for its volcanic peculiarities.
    Are you ready to prepare an expedition to yellowstone?"

    (Isabel Perez)

  • Yellowstone National Park




  • Yosemite National Park closes campsite after squirrels die of plague - 15 August 2015
    "The 304-site Tuolumne Meadows Campground will be closed from noon Monday until noon Friday so that authorities can treat the area with a flea-killing insecticide. The substance will be sprayed into rodent burrow holes, according to the California Department of Health (CDPH).
    Plague is carried by rodents and other animals, and is spread by fleas...
    A total of 42 people have contracted plague in California since 1970, resulting in nine deaths. Until this summer, the most recent three cases occurred in 2005 and 2006, with all of those patients recovering."


  • American Climbers Complete World’s Most Difficult Free Climb in Yosemite - 14 January 2015


  • Yosemite National Park - a webquest - Niveau 5ème, 4ème
    Created by Rosemary Spence (Ac. Nancy-Metz)

  • Yosemite HD II
    "A 200+ mile backpacking experience through Yosemite National Park captured by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill.
    This project was filmed over the course of 10 months. We spent a combined 45 days in the park capturing the images in this video."





Zion National Park, in Utah:

  • Risks and Rewards at Zion National Park - Text + Audio + Pictures
    "This week, our national parks journey brings us to the state of Utah. Here, you will find narrow canyons, steep cliffs, and hidden river valleys.
    Welcome to Zion National Park!"





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