Nickname: Beaver State
Motto(s): Alis volat propriis (Latin: She flies with her own wings)
State song(s): "Oregon, My Oregon"

(Created on 07/01/2017)




  • All aboard the Portland bus - with pictures - 29 December 2016
    "Photographer Geoffrey Hiller and writer Tom Vandel have spent the past year travelling on the number 75 bus in Portland, Oregon, stopping off along the way to explore and capture parts of the town usually only glimpsed thorough the window...
    Their pictures depict the wide range of communities spread along the way as well as capturing something of the gentrification in parts of the town."




    • The Oregon Trail - a worksheet (docx) created by Katie Jourdan (Ac. Versailles):
      "Voici une fiche pour travailler sur le documentaire The Oregon Trail and The Donner Party disponible sur youtube.
      Je ne travaille que les 3 premières minutes car je préfère éviter la partie où ils expliquent que la famille Donner est tombée dans le canibalisme pour survivre."

      - Niveau 2nde


  • Marijuana Becomes Legal in DC and Oregon - Article + Audio - 7 November 2014
    "Americans voted on ballot questions Tuesday in addition to choosing one third of the Senate and more than half of the state governors. Several places, including Washington, D.C., voted to legalize marijuana. Some states voted to increase the legal minimum hourly payment for workers."