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(Updated on 17/01/2017)




  • Spirituals 
    "Spirituals helped slaves endure life and gave them a way to express their joys, sorrows, hopes, and dreams."



  • Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack
    "I was the third brother of five,
    Doing whatever I had to do to survive.
    I'm not saying what I did was alright,
    Trying to break out of the ghetto was a day to day fight..."


    Listen to the song. (YouTube)


  • Turning Point by Nina Simone
    "See the little brown girl...
    Mom, can she come over
    To play dolls with me?...
    Why not? oh why not?
    Oh. . . I. . . see. . ."


    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Common Feat Will.I.Am - DREAM Lyrics (
    "I got a dream
    [that one day]
    that one day
    all of the people and myself
    are gonna find a better way
    My dream is to be free"

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Still I Rise by Maya Angelou (YouTube)
    + LYRICS:
    "You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may trod me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I'll rise...
    Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
    I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
    I rise..."


    Listen to the song : Ben Harper - I'll Rise (YouTube)


  • We shall overcome
    "We shall overcome, 
    We shall overcome, 
    We shall overcome, some day.

    Oh, deep in my heart,
    I do believe
    We shall overcome, some day...."



  • Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley :
    "How the Dreadlock Rasta was the Buffalo Soldier,
    And he was taken from Africa, brought to America,
    Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival..."



  • Rosa, Roll on! - a song by Marla Lewis
    "Enjoy Marla's song and learn about Rosa Parks.
    Next, play the game, all the words you must find are verbs in the past."

    Activity created by Renée Maufroid


  • Living for the city sung by Stevie Wonder
    "Her brother's smart he's got more sense than many
    His patience's long but soon he won't have any
    To find a job is like a haystack needle
    Cause where he lives they don't use colored people
    Living just enough, just enough for the city..."

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Sister Rosa by Neville (= Rosa Parks) - (

    Sister Rosa Parks, by the Neville Brothers
    - un travail proposé par Yannick TROCCAZ (Ac. Grenoble) avec remise des paragraphes et des phrases du refrain dans l'ordre puis analyse.