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(Updated on 22/11/2013)


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  • EXPLOSION TURNS NEW YORK SKY BLUE - with a video - 27 December 2018
    " An electrical explosion at a power plant in the New York City borough of Queens turned the sky bright blue for a few minutes — terrifying local residents.
    The transformer explosion came from one of the state’s dirtiest plants, casting new light on the city’s dependence on antiquated oil-burning power stations and bolstering calls for cleaner electricity."


    • Deadly NYC fire 'caused by child playing' - with pictures, a map and a video - 29 December 2017
      "New York City investigators believe the Bronx fire that killed 12 people, including four children, was caused by a child playing with a cooker."
      + Video: Fire commissioner: The fire quickly spread up the stairs - the stairway acted like a chimney

      + Video: Eyewitnesses say they heard people screaming and saw others waiting to be rescued

      Bronx fire: Twelve die in New York apartment block blaze - with pictures, a map and a video - 29 December 2017
      "Four children were among 12 people killed in a fire at an apartment building in the Bronx borough of New York."
      + Video: Eyewitnesses say they heard people screaming and saw others waiting to be rescued


  • Met Gala 2017 - 3 May 2017
    "New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art opened its doors for the Met Gala this week.
    It is a yearly event to raise money for the museum's Costume Institute.
    The Met Gala is the most important event of the year for the fashion industry."




  • The Five Most Relevant NYC Scams - 11 October 2016

  • City of Women - 11 October 2016
    "“It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” is a song James Brown recorded in a New York City stu­dio in 1966, and, whether you like it or not, you can make the case that he’s right...
    The biggest statue in the city is a woman, who welcomes everyone and is no one: the Statue of Liberty...
    there are only five statues of named women in New York City: Joan of Arc, Golda Meir, Gertrude Stein, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Har­riet Tubman..."


  • English No Longer Requirement for New York City Taxi Drivers - Text + Audio - 27 August 2016
    "The test to become a taxi driver in New York City will now be offered in foreign languages.
    Supporters of the new bill say technology in cabs has replaced talking.
    Read on to learn useful taxicab language -- just in case you actually need to speak to the driver."


  • A new New York? Manhattan's oldest neighbourhood goes car-free, kind of … - 15 August 2016
    "Cars restricted to 5mph over 60 blocks of Financial District at weekend, as transport department runs Shared Streets event inspired by Bogotá and Paris."


    Times Square has been blocked to cars since 2009.

  • Commuting becomes a high-wire act
    "As New York City shuts down a busy subway line, a proposed $100m gondola river crossing gets a second look."





  • New York City (Wikipedia) :
    1 History
    2 Geography
    2.1 Climate 2.2 Environment
    3 Cityscape 3.1 Architecture 3.2 Boroughs
    4 Culture 4.1 Tourism 4.2 Media 4.3 Accent 4.4 Sports
    5 Economy
    6 Demographics
    7 Government
    7.1 Crime
    8 Education
    9 Transportation
    10 Sister cities...


  • "Untapped Cities" on Facebook : photos, maps, news and archives


  • Bill De Blasio sworn in as mayor of New York City
    "The first Democratic mayor of New York City in more than 20 years has taken his oath of office at City Hall where he pledged to pursue a liberal agenda.
    Bill de Blasio, who succeeds billionaire Michael Bloomberg, was inaugurated at a ceremony presided over by former US President Bill Clinton."




    • It's all white for New York's energy-saving CoolRoofs initiative
      "Mayor paints the one millionth square foot of New York roof space white to mark effort to slash energy bills...
      The Mayor's Office said that... 1,500 volunteers including employees from 17 companies had painted the roofs of 105 buildings."
      "By simply applying a reflective, white coating, we can reduce rooftop temperature by up to 60 degrees, which translates into reduced cooling costs
      and carbon emissions."



  • Tourism in New York City (Wikipedia)
    1 NYC & Company
    2 Hospitality
    2.1 Hotels 2.2 Shopping
    3 Attractions 3.1 Maritime 3.2 Museums and Zoos 3.3 Recreation
    4 Events
  • Top 10 New York City Tourist Attractions and Landmarks :
    Empire State Building - Statue of Liberty - Grand Central Terminal - Rockefeller Center - Ellis Island Immigration Museum - Staten Island Ferry - American Museum of Natural History - Guggenheim Museum - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Museum of Modern Art



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