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The United States Presidential Election of 2012 

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Introduction :



Glossary :


The candidates ( See : Official candidate websites )

  • US election: 10 oddities explained
    "You've heard their policies, but what about the other questions? Like what's that jabbing gesture Obama makes with his thumb?
    And why are "Mr President" and "Mr Speaker" titles kept for life?
    We examine 10 of the lesser-spotted things about American presidential politics - and about this campaign."



  • Democratic Party (donkey) :

  • Republican Party (elephant) :

    Where do they stand? - "Defining the four remaining Republican hopefuls." - 14 February 2012

    Republican candidates - 16 January 2012



    "Les candidats à l'investiture républicaine, de gauche à droite et de haut en bas:
    Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman.
    Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul et Herman Cain.
    Les candidats grisés ont abandonné." - 4 janvier 2012.

    Chris Christie rules himself out of White House race - 4 October 2011
    "New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced that he is not running for the White House, after weeks of calls for him to enter the race."

    See Profile: Chris Christie

    See : Republican candidates - 14 August 2011 (BBC)

  • Green Party (sunflower) :

  • Libertarian Party (Statue of Liberty) :

  • Prohibition Party :

Comparing the candidates :





The elections :


  • Election 2012 : News - Maps and Games - Q & A - Timeline - Vocabulary... (


  • Running the gauntlet : How a candidate gets from campaign launch to inauguration

  • Mitt Romney clinches nomination in Texas primary - 30 May 2012
    "Mitt Romney has secured his place as the Republican challenger to Barack Obama in November's US presidential election, following a primary in Texas...
    Mr Romney said he was "humbled". He is the first Mormon from a major party to contest the presidential election.
    He is set to be officially anointed as the Republican nominee at the party convention in Florida in late August."

  • US election: Battleground states - interactive
    "Most states have a history of voting for a particular party and the presidential candidates will count on their votes again.
    This leaves a handful of states where the election will be decided. These are the election battlegrounds..."




  • Reuters Video: Dual victories for Romney - 29 February 2012 + TRANSCRIPT
    "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins contests in Michigan and Arizona. Deborah Lutterbeck reports."

  • ELECTION 2012 - Classroom Magazine : Breaking News - Q & A- Maps & Games - Video Highlights - ...
  • US Elections : Latest news - Features and Analysis - Election guides - Videos




Iowa caucuses :

  • Iowa caucuses: Romney pips Santorum - a slideshow - 4 January 2012

    "The first test for the field of Republican candidates hoping to challenge Barack Obama for the US presidency
    ended in a virtual tie between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney (pictured, kissing wife Ann),
    as Republicans in Iowa chose their favourite at some 1,700 caucus meetings."


New Hampshire Primary :




Political Conventions :


  • Tight Security in Tampa
    "The U.S. Secret Service is leading the charge on securing the convention hall and a hardened perimeter around it...
    The Secret Service will also be getting assists from a host of federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies, from the FBI to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the U.S. Coast Guard..."

  • CNN Explains : Political conventions (

  • Conventional Wisdom - interactive graphics
    "Since the two major modern political parties were founded, delegates have met at national conventions to officially nominate candidates for president and vice president and to present platforms. Major issues have included slavery, desegregation, polygamy, Imperialism, tariffs, Chinese immigration, Prohibition, suffrage, wars, welfare and other hot topics of the day..."





Lesson plans :

  • America re-elects President Barack Obama (November 8, 2012) - a lesson plan with AUDIO.
    "Americans voted to re-elect incumbent president Barack Obama on Tuesday in one of the closest contests in U.S. history.
    President Obama saw off the challenge of Republican opponent Mitt Romney, who asked the nation to pray for Mr Obama in his goal to re-ignite the American economy."

  • Spin it! Create your own lines from Romney and Obama's second debate - interactive
    "Can you spin it? Mitt Romney and Barack Obama squared off in their second face-to-face meeting, but can you use what they said to create something
    completely new? Select key words from our generator below to create your own 'spin' soundbite, then feel free to share your creation using the hashtag #MySpin."

  • US Elections 2012 - une séquence préparée par Mathilde Serhan (Ac. Marseille)
    "Le but est de faire découvrir les candidats et les "issues" aux élèves, puis de les faire analyser quelques publicités de campagne (vidéos).
    Ils doivent ensuite créer un (ou des) poster(s) pour présenter ces informations à leurs camarades."



Webquests / Treasure Hunts :


Quizzes :

  • US Election Quiz 2012 - A quiz by Jeffrey Hill
    "I produced this quiz to use with my EM Normandie students as part of a lesson on the U.S. election. There are 15 multiple choice questions.
    You can find a version with answers after the initial quiz on slides 17-52."



Games :


Cartoons : (Si le lien est inaccessible, enregistrer l'image pour obtenir la taille initiale.)

See Rick Perry : Cartoons + Mitt Romney : Cartoons


Cartoon: The Best Is Yet To Come
"Following his victory over Mitt Romney
in the U.S. presidential election,
Barack Obama gave an acceptance speech
in which he promised Americans that 'the best is yet to come'..."




Cartoon: The End of the Election Race


Cartoon: Obama Comforts Storm Victim
"One of the big questions resulting from Hurricane Sandy 
was what effect would it have on the presidential election.
In this cartoon from The Telegraph, Bob suggests that Obama
was the winner, and Romney the loser in political terms..."



Cartoon: Talking about Sandy
"This cartoon by Chappatte from the International Herald Tribune 
makes a connection between the US presidential election campaign,
global warming and Hurricane Sandy..."




Cartoon: Yes, He Could!
"This cartoon by Schrank from The Independent on Sunday uses a motoring metaphor to illustrate the growing belief
that the previously unfancied Republican challenger Mitt Romney has a real chance of beating incumbent Barack Obama 
in the race to the White House..."



MORE cartoons - October 2012





Here's Mitt! - Cartoons






Obama v. Romney - Cartoons







Cartoon: Republican Bloodbath
"This rather gruesome cartoon by Dave Brown
from The Independent is a comment on the race
for the Republican presidential nomination, which has
turned into something resembling a civil war..."




Cartoon: Steve Bell on the Republican Super Tuesday primaries
"This cartoon by Steve Bell from The Guardian relates to the Republican Super Tuesday primaries..."




Santorum beliefs - Cartoons



GOP FINAL 4 - Cartoons



Conservative Cartoons


Liberal Cartoons


Rick Santorum - Cartoons




Cartoons for the Classroom: Low Noon
"This cartoon by Jeff Parker from Florida Today is featured
in this week's Cartoons for the Clasroom lesson
which you can download as a PDF here..."






Florida Primary - Cartoons



Obama Campaign - Cartoons



South Carolina Primary



The GOP’s Long Sad March to the Inevitable Nominee



Iowa Caucuses Cartoons


Cartoon: Republican Primary Race
"This cartoon by  Dave Brown from The Independent 
relates to the start of the Republican primaries,
which began yesterday (January 03, 2012)
with the  Iowa caucuses."




Cartoon: The Republican Race Starts
"This cartoon by Adams from The Daily Telegraph 
relates to the  Republican presidential primaries
  in which voters of the Republican Party
will choose their nominee for President of the United States
in the 2012 presidential election.
The race for the primaries kicks off today
with the  Iowa caucuses..."




Cartoon: The Least Embarassing Candidate
"This cartoon by Clay Bennett from the 
Chattanooga Times Free Press
 is a comment on the result
of the  Iowa caucuses,
which kicked off the Republican presidential primaries.
The contest was won by Mitt Romney ..."



- cartoons


Videos :

  • "You Don't Own Me" PSA
    "Women constitute more than half of the population. In 2008, 60% of voters were women.
    It is estimated that 10 million more women than men will vote in this election. Despite this, women make up only 16% of Congress....
    Women, let's rise up. Our vote alone can win this election. A vote for Obama is a vote for your health and your right to choose.
    It is a vote for equal pay and equal rights... " 


    Fashion folk sing out against Romney - an article (

  • Kid Rock Tells Sean Penn 'F--king Suck It, Commie' in Ad to Not Let Politics Divide Us
    "After the pair trade caustic barbs that include Rock telling Penn "F--king suck it, commie," and Penn referring to Rock as a troglodyte, they finally bury the hatchet, and present a positive image of what America is supposed to be
    (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary, serious vulgarity warning)..."



  • How to Become President
    "Your momma always said you'd grow up to be president of the United States - but beyond that, she was a little vague? Here’s the parts she skipped."

    + TRANSCRIPT below the video on YouTube.


  • Video: Why Obama Now
    "An animated short about the big choice in 2012's presidential election, by Simpsons/Family Guy animator Lucas Gray.
    The video is based on extracts from President Obama's keynote address at the annual Associated Press luncheon on April 3rd 2012.
    You can watch the whole speech and view a transcript here."












  • Images, Themes and Props in Presidential Campaign Ads
    "In the past few weeks, some media markets have been swamped with election advertising.
    Below, a New York Times analysis of all the campaign ads that ran between October 4 and 21 — including those produced by outside groups."


  • Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952 - 2012 (

  • Mad Money: TV ads in the 2012 presidential campaign
    "Team Obama and Team Romney have spent millions flooding the airwaves in key battleground states with (mostly negative) TV ads aimed at converting voters to their side. This page shows where each side is focusing its message and how spending has changed over time."


  • The Art of Creating The Presidential Campaign Ad + Ideas In The Classroom (

  • Battle of the TV ads in US primary elections - 1 February 2012
    "Opponents have criticised the money spent by Mitt Romney on the Republican primary elections in Florida, where he had a resounding victory.
    He polled 46% of the vote, with his closest rival Newt Gingrich on 32%. Mr Romney spent more than US$15m in the last month alone, funding 13,000 television advertisements. Mark Mardell reports from Florida."



Cinema :


Songs :