The United States Presidential Election of 2012













The Governor of Texas :

Running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2012 :

  • Inside Rick Perry's head during his memory gaffe - with a video - 10 November 2011
    "Texas Governor Rick Perry's inability to remember his own policy - the third US government agency he would eliminate if elected - during a televised debate has seriously hampered his chances at winning the White House, analysts say. Politics aside, what was going on inside his head?"



  • Rick Perry suggests US military role in Mexico drug war - 2 October 2011
    "Texas Governor Rick Perry - who is seeking the Republican nomination for US president - has said he would consider sending American troops into Mexico to combat drug-related violence...
    Correspondents say Mr Perry's comments may be aimed at showing he is tough on border security and illegal immigration - issues on which he has been attacked by other contenders for the Republican nomination. "

  • Rick Perry: Could he be the next US president ? - ARTICLE + VIDEO
    "To his supporters, he's the man who fixed Texas and can answer the country's economic prayers. Could Rick Perry, who has announced his intention to enter the presidential race, overcome his doubters and end up in the White House?"

    "Perry fiercely defends gun rights"

    Where Perry stands :
    • For: Spending cuts, states' rights, climate change scepticism, death penalty, immigration that fills gaps in labour market, gun rights
    • Against: Tax increases, federal powers, Obama healthcare, gay marriage, abortion (with exceptions)


  • Promising Better Direction, Perry Enters Race
    "Gov. Rick Perry of Texas announced his candidacy for president at the RedState Gathering, a meeting of conservative activists, in Charleston, S.C., on Saturday... declaring it was “time to get America working again” as he sought to offer the Republican Party a candidate who appeals to both fiscal and social conservatives."

The Response :

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Perry's brain freeze - Cartoons



Perry is failing... - Cartoons


Perry and social security - cartoons


Texas for president - cartoons



Rick Perry's Rental Mansion


Perry for President - Cartoons


Videos :


  • Reuters Video: Rick Perry’s 'Oops' Moment
    "U.S. Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, already facing an uphill struggle to mount a comeback, made a difficult situation worse
    on Wednesday night by forgetting one of the three government agencies that he has repeatedly said he would eliminate if elected president."

  • Campaign Ad Breakdown: President zero + a video
    "In the first of a new series, Campaign ad breakdown looks at an early salvo from Republican contender Rick Perry..."