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The Death Penalty in the United States (a webquest)
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  • The Longer View: Capital punishment - with videos
    "Fifty years ago capital punishment was brought to an end in the UK but the death sentence remains a contentious issue across the globe.
    According to Amnesty International, 22 countries continue to carry out executions across the world, as of 2014."

  • Texas executes plane hangar killer Lester Bower - 4 June 2015
    "Texas has executed a 67-year-old man who was convicted of killing four men in 1983 after the US Supreme Court denied him a final appeal.
    Lester Bower Jr is the oldest man executed in Texas since the state resumed its use of capital punishment in 1982."

  • Nebraska abolishes death penalty after veto-override - 28 May 2015
    "Nebraska joins 18 other states and the federal district of Washington, DC, in banning capital punishment,
    and is the first traditionally conservative state in four decades to do so...

    North Dakota, another traditionally conservative state, abolished the death penalty in 1973.
    The most recent state to eliminate the death penalty is Maryland, which ended capital punishment in 2013."



  • America's broken execution system

  • How much is an execution worth?

  • Should the condemned get a last meal?

  • Ray Jasper, Ex-Rapper Who Killed Studio Owner, Executed In Texas - 19 March 2014
    "A former San Antonio rap musician has been executed for a knife attack and robbery that left a recording studio owner dead. Ray Jasper was injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital...
    Jasper's execution was the third in Texas this year."


  • Texas executes female murderer Suzanne Basso - 6 February 2014
    "A woman convicted of murder in Texas has been put to death, only the 14th time a female has been executed in the US in nearly four decades.
    Suzanne Basso, 59, was pronounced dead from lethal injection...
    She was found guilty of the 1998 torture and killing of a mentally impaired man she had promised to marry."


  • Texas executes Mexican Edgar Tamayo, despite protests - 23 January 2014 - Article + Video
    "In January 1994, Tamayo shot and killed police officer Guy Gaddis, 24, as he was being arrested for robbery. He was in the US illegally."


  • Texas executes 500th person since resuming death penalty - 27 June 2013
    "Kimberly McCarthy, 52, who was convicted of killing her neighbour in 1997, was given a lethal injection on Wednesday evening.
    McCarthy was also the first woman executed in the US for nearly three years.
    Texas is one of 32 states to still have the death penalty, but it carries out the most executions."


  • Rapist and murderer executed by injection in Oklahoma - 25 June 2013
    "TULSA, Oklahoma (AP) — A man convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend's mother in 2001 was put to death on Tuesday,
    despite a recommendation by Oklahoma's pardon and parole board to commute his death sentence after he apologized...
    Last week, the state executed James Lewis DeRosa, 36, for his part in the brutal killings of a LeFlore County ranch couple in 2000."


  • Texas executes convicted killer Bobby Lee Hines for slaying of suburban Dallas woman in 1991 - 24 October 2012
    "Hines' execution was the 11th this year in Texas. Another is set for next week."


  • Texas man executed for rape and murder of girl, 12 - 11 October 2012
    "A Texas man convicted of raping and murdering a girl, 12, was executed by lethal injection Wednesday - the 10th inmate to be put to death this year."


  • Georgia halts execution of death-row inmate Warren Lee Hill - 23 July 2012
    "At issue is whether the Department of Corrections’ decision to switch to a one-drug formula violates state rules, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported." 

  • Texas executes Yokamon Hearn with pentobarbitol - 19 July 2012
    "The US state of Texas has executed its first death row inmate with a single lethal injection of the sedative pentobarbital.
    Yokamon Hearn, 33, was convicted for the carjacking and murder of a Dallas stockbroker in 1998.
    Hearn is the sixth inmate to be killed this year in Texas, but the first after the state stopped using a cocktail of three lethal drugs for executions..."


  • Troy Davis is executed in Georgia for shooting policeman - 22 September 2011 - lethal injection
    "Death row inmate Troy Davis has been executed in the US state of Georgia for the fatal shooting of policeman Mark MacPhail in 1989.
    Davis' death was delayed for hours while the US Supreme Court considered an 11th-hour appeal for clemency.
    The 42-year-old's case was heavily disputed after most of the witnesses recanted or changed their testimony...
    No gun was found and no DNA evidence conclusively linked Davis to the murder...
    Meanwhile in the US state of Texas another death row inmate, Lawrence Russell Brewer, was executed on Wednesday evening - in a very different case..."
    + a video



  • Amnesty International: Global death penalty trend falls
    "Although 23 countries carried out executions in 2010, four more than in 2009, the number of people executed dropped from at least 714 to at least 527, the rights group said.
    But that figure does not include China, whose executions are thought to be more than all other countries put together."



  • Illinois abolishes the death penalty
    "Illinois has become the 16th US state to abolish the death penalty, after the governor signed a bill making permanent a 10-year-old moratorium on executions."


    Illinois Bans Capital Punishment (

  • Amnesty urges China to disclose execution figures
    "In its annual report on the use of the death penalty, Amnesty said some 714 people were known to have been executed in 18 countries in 2009.
    But the group said the true global figure could be much higher, as thousands of executions were thought to have been carried out in China alone."

    See WORLD EXECUTIONS 2009 : in China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, US...


  • World Congress Against the Death Penalty to Be Held February 24-26 2010
    "Geneva, Switzerland will serve as a host to the 4th World Congress Against the Death Penalty and over 1000 abolitionists from across the world..."

  • Greenville Correctional Center 
    "is a prison facility located in Jarratt, Virginia...
    98 executions by electrocution or lethal injection have occurred in the L Building."


    Sniper executed with lethal precision - Greenville Correctional Center, Virginia
    "The condemned man is injected first with thiopental sodium, which induces a state of unconsciousness.
    The second chemical, pancuronium bromide, stops the breathing.
    And the third - potassium chloride - stops the heart...
    Punctually, at 2100 (0200 GMT), he was led into what is called the "death chamber".
    Six state witnesses and three representatives of the media were in an adjacent room watching the execution.
    Relatives of the victims were in another room, this one darkened, "to protect their privacy."...
    "He was strapped to the gurney, first by his legs, then his arms and chest...
    For three weeks (in 2002), Muhammad spread fear and terror around the DC area, targeting random residents with his then teenage accomplice...
    The two had even adapted their car, cutting a hole in its bodywork to fit their rifle."  
    Read the sniper's profile.


  • Texas executes Mexican murderer (6 August 2008)
    "A Mexican man whose case has drawn international legal attention is executed in Texas for rape and murder...
    Medellin's execution was the fifth this year in Texas"
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  • Death penalty costs Maryland. more than life term
    "The death penalty has cost Maryland taxpayers at least $186 million more in prosecuting and defending capital murder cases over two decades than would have been spent without the threat of execution, according to a study to be released today.(06/03/2008)


  • US to decide on lethal injection
    "The US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on whether to ban lethal injections - the means of execution in most states."



  • Capital punishment (Wikipedia)
    1 Terminology
    2 History
    3 The death penalty worldwide
    4 Ethical views on capital punishment
    5 Religious views on capital punishment
    6 Methods of execution
    7 The death penalty in arts and media ...


  • Ethics and the Death Penalty - University of San Diego (
  • History of the Death Penalty (
  • Causing Death - (library.thinkquest)
    "Does any society have the right to take the life of one of its citizens?
    In many countries around the world, capital punishment is legal and practiced. In others it is considered barbaric and wrong..."

  • Crime Library - Latest news - Serial killers - Notorious murder cases - Gangsters & outlaws -
    The criminal mind - Terrorists, spies and assassins - Crime fiction... (













  • Executions and Death Row Inmates by State - by ethnicity, gender, and juvenile
    ("Click on Death Row or Executions. You can choose Total, different ethnicities, different genders, or juvenile to compare.")