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(Updated on 09/09/2014)




  • What Does Scottish Independence Mean?
    "With a referendum scheduled for Sept. 18, Scotland may be set to dissolve more than 300 years of political unity with the United Kingdom.
    Who wants independence, why now, and how does the United Kingdom work anyway?"



  • Former MSPs say Yes
    "On the 15th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament, six former MSPs gathered in Edinburgh to express their support for a Yes vote.
    Shiona Baird, former Scottish Green Party MSP, said, "We've learned so much in the last 15 years, and I think it's imperative that there is a strong Yes voice to take us forward to the next stage in our development as a country."







  • NESSIE :

    022 Toyota Tacoma - Nessie



    Toyota Nessie
    "Hilarious commercial showing the loch ness monster
    using a cardboard cut-out of a toyota car
    as a decoy to lure people over so that he can grab them...
    very cool effects and commercial."