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(Updated on 09/09/2014)




  • Ultimate Scottish quiz
    "Important dates in the Scottish calendar such as St Andrew's day, Hogmanay and Burn's day are always worth celebrating. Why not kick off your celebrations by testing your knowledge of Scotland?"

  • Where Am I? Quiz 
    Here is a fun quiz to test your knowledge of Scotland and Scottish places. And you will also learn more about Scotland along the way.
    You will be presented with a series of photos of places in Scotland and given four answers - only one of which is correct. The questions are graded, starting off with easily identified places."



  • Nessie - "Watch the slideshow, (use the arrow at the bottom), listen to Peter Carter and play the game."
    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)



'The Illusionist' (2010)