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  • Guid Nychburris (Middle Scots, meaning Good Neighbours) is the main festival of the year, a ceremony which is largely based on the theme of a positive community spirit.
    The ceremony on Guid Nychburris Day, follows a route and sequence of events laid down in the mists of time.
    Formal proceedings start at 7.30 am with the gathering of up to 250 horses waiting for the courier to arrive and announce that the Pursuivant is on his way, and at 8.00 am leave the Midsteeple and ride out to meet the Pursuivant.
    They then proceed to Ride the Marches and Stob and Nog (mark the boundary with posts and flags) before returning to the Midsteeple at 12.15 pm to meet the Provost and then the Charter is proclaimed to the towns people of Dumfries.
    This is then followed by the crowning of the Queen of the South."


  • In pictures: Guid Nychburris celebrations in Dumfries


  • Everybody needs Guid Nychburris - 13 June 2007
    "My childhood memory of Dumfries' Guid Nychburris celebrations is of scrambling around the street for sweeties flung from the vehicle parade..."


    Queen of the South