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(Created on 11/07/2016)




  • Theresa May under increasing pressure to restart Dubs scheme - 11 February 2017
    "Alf Dubs, sponsor of the scheme to transfer lone child refugees to the UK, will deliver petition to No 10 condemning its closure."


  • Why has the UK ended its 'Dubs' child refugee scheme? - 10 February 2017
    "The government is scrapping Britain’s pledge to take in 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees, sparking fury.
    Will critics be able to force Home Secretary Amber Rudd to rethink and reverse the decision?"


  • Theresa May shakes-up government with new-look cabinet - Article + Photos + Videos - 14 July 2016
    "Liz Truss is justice secretary, Justine Greening takes education
    and Tory leadership contender Andrea Leadsom has been promoted to environment secretary.
    Boris Johnson became foreign secretary. Philip Hammond was made chancellor.
    Eurosceptic David Davis, meanwhile, will take charge of negotiating Britain's exit from the European Union, in a newly created post of Brexit secretary."

    + Photos of Theresa May's Cabinet

    Theresa May named six cabinet members on Wednesday:
    David Davis, Boris Johnson, Philip Hammond, Michael Fallon,
    Liam Fox and Amber Rudd (clockwise from top left)



  • Boris Johnson: insults, gaffes and apologies – video profile - 14 July 2016
    "Boris Johnson was a surprise choice as Theresa May’s foreign secretary. He has insulted the present US president as well as both candidates to be
    Barack Obama’s successor. He has used racist language towards Africans. And he has written an offensive limerick about the president of Turkey."



  • Britain’s May Faces Same Challenges as Thatcher - Text + Audio - 13 July 2016
    British Prime Minister Theresa May took office Wednesday. She is already being compared to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.
    May faces economic and political uncertainties related to Britain’s exit from the EU.
    Thatcher assumed office during economic and social turmoil in Britain."

  • Theresa May to Be Britain's Second Woman Prime Minister - Text + Audio - 11 July 2016
    "British Prime Minister David Cameron will resign Wednesday and Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to succeed him. The change follows
    last month’s referendum in which Britain voted to leave EU. May is set to become Britian’s second woman leader after Margaret Thatcher."