"He who is tired of London is tired of Life."
- Samuel Johnson


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  • London earthquake risk: Scientists discover two fault lines under capital - 31 May 2018
    "Scientists have discovered two fault lines running under London that could cause a magnitude 5 earthquake.
    But before you reach for your hard hat, they estimate there is only a one-in-a-thousand-year chance of such a tremor."


  • London's 14 greatest buildings - with pictures

  • Experience London Above and Below
    "With limited time, we chose to experience London through two different dining experiences – one nine stories above the ground with a view of the all-encompassing London skyline and one in a subterranean basement with no view at all.
    Both meals conveyed the kind of magic that you can only experience in London."


  • These tiny birds are common in London but nobody knows why - 21 October 2016
    "Ring-necked parakeets have become a common sight in south-east England, but it remains a mystery how they got there."








  • London - "a feast of interesting information on London and ... a collection of websites, concentrating as much as possible on a child's point of view" :
    - Fun and fascinating facts
    - A Brief History of London
    - A Virtual Tour of London's Landmarks
    - London Museums
    - Other London Places of Interest


  • Visiting London - interactive exercises (sitasima)
  • London's top shopping strips
    "The big-name emporiums, such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Hamleys, Fortnum & Mason and Liberty, are both sightseeing attractions in their
    own right and temples to shopping devotees. The nearby side-street boutiques – the capital’s true delights — also sell just about anything, from clothes to old-style British homewares."

    Related gallery:  Shopping in London



  • Capital Calling - London's Tourist Guide : touring, sightseeing, shopping, museums, history (capital-calling)


  • Virtual London
    News, transport, attractions, food and drink, shopping, London life, the Royal family, Time for tea, tours, events...

  • Finding somewhere to live in London :
    Maps - Lettings agents - Homestay accommodation - Advertisements - Hostels / student houses - Choosing an area - Costs - Safety - Ethnic mix...
    (UK Student Life)

  • Magical memory tour of London
    "The Summer of Love began 40 years ago, the climax of a decade of rebellious optimism. And at the heart of it all was our capital city.
    Rory Maclean seeks out old haunts from Sixties London."





  • Social Media Greets New London Mayor Khan - Text + Audio + Photo + Video - 9 May 2016
    "Sadiq Khan won London’s mayoral election last Friday. By doing so, he became the first Muslim to become mayor of a major Western capital. Khan is the son of Pakistani immigrants."







  • Mayor Johnson vows to cut crime
    "Boris Johnson has pledged to tackle the "scourge" of crime on London's transport system as a key priority in his new role as mayor of the city...
    he said he would use the resources of the mayor's office to address youth violence...
    Other items on his agenda include revisiting the controversial congestion charging policies in central and west London, building 50,000 more homes, increasing river transport options and amending the London Plan to ensure back garden space is protected from development. Mr Johnson said his
    new job included the need to build bridges with communities."


  • Johnson wins London mayoral race
    "Boris Johnson has won the race to become the next mayor of London - ending Ken Livingstone's eight-year reign at City Hall."
    - an article and a video


  • The Boris Story
    "A look at the colourful life and times of London's new mayor, Boris Johnson."