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(Updated on 07/06/2014)



  • Webquests
    Pour élèves de quatrième en préparation d’un voyage de 5 jours
    Envoyées par Anne Nazé (Ac. Lille)



  • Wandering the World - Webquest
    "You and your friends are going on vacation next week! You are going to travel to several major cities around the world.
    Before you pack your suitcase, you will need to check the weather and exchange some money.
    When you arrive, you will visit famous places and take some pictures.
    Then you will write postcards home to your family and friends."



  • A dream vacation
    "Newstime for Kids has requested that you submit the detailed plans for your dream vacation and prepare an oral presentation..."


  • The Inter-Galactic Travel Agency "is looking for exotic places througout the galaxy, for tourism, travel and resort pleasures for the traveller who has seen it all!"


  • City life or desert life ?
    "You are a space traveler from a faraway planet. You have been sent here to find the best place to live."

  • Tour the USA: A WebQuest
    "You and your classmates will work in teams to explore six regions of the United States: New England, the Mid Atlantic states, the South, Southwest, Midwest, and West.
    Each team will investigate one region's landmarks, monuments, and other areas of interest, and then create a brochure describing and illustrating an interesting and informative tour of that region." ( + Teacher Page )

    (Education World)


  • My Summer Vacation - On the Internet! (a scavenger hunt WITH ANSWERS)
    "Travel and learn with Kate and her younger brother, Matt, as they explore the U.S. - on the Internet!
    Visit Web sites connected to popular attractions, and search those sites for answers to questions from Kate and Matt!"
    (Education World)

    You will visit :

    • the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    • Colonial Williamsburg, in Virginia
    • the National Civil Rights Museum
    • Disney World.
    • the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.
    • The entire Grand Canyon is in northern Arizona.
    • Monterey Bay Aquarium.
    • Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
    • Wrigley Field (with the Chicago Cubs baseball team)
    • Cape Cod

  • Crisscrossing the U.S.A.
    (Scavenger Hunts for Kids of All Ages - Learn about famous places, Plan a trip... )
    to learn about the history and landscape of the United States.

    (Education World)

  • Mississippi River
    "Students explore print and online resources to learn about the Mississippi River and then use the information to complete a scavenger hunt."

    (Education World)

    "How will you go to London?
    What will you do and see in London?
    How much will the holiday cost ?
    What photos will you take?"



  • Ellis Island Webquest : PDF - WORD 
    - with answers
    + Immigration - Writing : PDF 
    - with answers