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(Updated on 07/06/2014)



  • Suitcases - Cliquer sur les valises pour les agrandir.

    A partir de ces valises, faire poser des questions : 'Has he / she ever been to... ?' et répondre.











  • Holidays - worksheets accompanied by Teaching Suggestions
    - Hotels
    - Phrases & Places
    - Word Partners


  • Travel and Transport - a quiz
    ex : "Which word best completes this sentence?
    The fastest way to ________ is by plane. a. voyage b. journey c. travel d. trip"

    (BBC | British Council)

  • Your Last Vacation
    "This conversation-based worksheet is ideal for building fluency.
    There is vocabulary / collocation practice, as well as a dialogue and discussion questions."

    (Handouts Online)
  • A Reading Task and Role Play
    "Here is an activity to challenge the students' reading skills at intermediate level and give them controlled speaking practice in a role play.
    The learners have to put a jumbled conversation into the correct order and can then act it out in pairs. The conversation takes place in a Travel Agent's."



'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' (2000)