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  • Diaporama

    Julian Edelman and Tom Brady

    " The Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl, a 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. New England’s Rob Gronkowski came up big when it mattered, the tight end sparking a stalled offense during a critical fourth-quarter drive, catching two passes for 47 yards leading to a 2-yard touchdown run by Sony Michel."


  • Super Bowl 2019: Seven things we learned from the ad breaks - with pictures and videos - 4 February 2019
    "Many people outside the US may not give two hoots about the actual Super Bowl, but for the celeb spotters and film/TV fans out there, the ad breaks are what it's all about."


  • Washington Post honours Marie Colvin and Jamal Khashoggi in first Super Bowl ad - with a picture and a video - 4 February 2019
    "Dangers of journalism feature in newspaper’s first commercial at the major sporting event"


  • Ranking Super Bowl Snacks by How (Un)Healthy They Are - 3 February 2019
    "Americans treat Super Bowl Sunday like a holiday, even if it is one centered around watching TV. There are even traditional foods now associated with the Super Bowl, designed to serve many people who are watching TV. We know that most of these dishes aren't good for us, but which ones are the worst for our blood pressure, metabolism, and waistline? Mel magazine ranks 11 of the most common treats that will be served for Super Bowl parties. Some of them are surprisingly okay."


  • Philadelphia Eagles Team Is Underdog No More - Text + Audio + Video - 5 February 2018
    "The “underdog” Philadelphia Eagles football team has won its first Super Bowl.
    The team defeated the favored New England Patriots in the National Football League championship Sunday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The final score was 41 to 33."


  • Super Bowl LII: Philadelphia Eagles beat New England Patriots in thriller as phenomenal Nick Foles named MVP
    - with pictures and videos - 5 February 2018
    "The Philadelphia Eagles and British-born running back Jay Ajayi won their first Super Bowl title
    as they defeated the defending champions the New England Patriots 41-33 in a high-scoring thriller."




  • Eagles Face Patriots in Super Bowl Sunday - Text + Audio + Pictures - 1 February 2018
    "This Sunday, the Patriots will go for a sixth Super Bowl title. They will face the Philadelphia Eagles at play in Minneapolis, a city in the U.S. state of Minnesota.
    The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, the championship game established in 1967."


  • Patriots, Brady and Lady Gaga Impress at Super Bowl - Text + Audio + Pictures + Videos - 6 February 2017
    "The New England Patriots scored a touchdown in overtime to win the Super Bowl. Lady Gaga also scored a big win for her halftime show."



  • Katy Perry spectacle wows Super Bowl - with photos - 2 February 2015
    "Katy Perry used a giant tiger, Lenny Kravitz and backing dancers dressed as sharks to wow the crowds with her Super Bowl half-time performance."



  • Tout sur le Superbowl! Super Bowl Game history, stats...


  • Super hot ticket :
    "Take a historical glance at Super Bowl ticket design dating back to first Super Bowl in 1967."
    - interactive
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    Timeline / Photos / Quiz / Video

  • Super Bowl dreams
    "Players around world speak of love for the game...
    In the run up to Sunday's big game in Dallas, BBC News spoke to players in France, Uruguay and Russia to find out how they got into American football and what they would give to play in the big final of the sport."







  • Americans Prepare for 'Super Bowl Sunday' - Text + Audio + Picture - 2 February 2017
    "The Super Bowl is Sunday. It is the most important professional football game of the season in the U.S., and fans have been getting ready for two weeks."

  • Broncos, Bruno Mars, Beyonce Win Big at Super Bowl 50 - Text + Audio + Photos - 8 February 2016
    "The Denver Broncos football team won America's biggest sports championship on Sunday night.
    The Broncos won the National Football League championship game, known as the Super Bowl.
    Two other winners were singers Bruno Mars and Beyonce, who energized the halftime show."



  • Do You Watch for the Game or the Ads? - Text + Audio - 6 February 2016
    "The 2015 Super Bowl was the most-watched ever. This year should be no different.
    But why do people watch the Super Bowl? Of course, the game is a big deal, but … those ads! "



  • Super Bowl Blitz: Football-Related Activities for Fans of All Ages  (Education World)




Super Bowl cartoons










  • Superbowl Explained (From 2006) - (YouTube)
    "Explaining the Super Bowl to a youngster who is unfamilar with it can be an opportunity for a world-class explanation - or world-class trolling, depending on your point of view. Just change the teams, and this video from 2006 is still fully functional."


    • Reuters Video: Super Bowl commercials create buzz for brands
      "At a cost of about $4 million (USD) for 30 seconds, Super Bowl ads are already building buzz.
      And advertisers hope to use social media to promote their products even after the game is over. Bob Mezan reports."