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  • Tons Of Videos About The World Cup

  • The Amazons Workout 'WONDER WOMAN' Featurette [+Subtitles] - 13 September 2017
    "One of the many satisfying scenes in the movie Wonder Woman was watching an army of women warriors defending their homeland from intruders.
    The Amazons on Themyscira were played by a variety of athletes from all walks of life: actresses, boxers, policewomen, Olympians, martial arts experts, etc. who were brought together to train for the movie under Mark Twight, who also trained fighters for the movie 300. Watch them work out in this featurette."




    "2016 was an excellent year for awesomeness! Here’s our compilation of the best videos of the year!
    We’ve got everything from epic trick shots, the best parkour and freerunning, extreme base jumping, trampoline tricks and flips, and extreme sports from wakesurfing to skateboarding to BMX. The amazing soundtrack is OneRepublic - Kids."




  • News Words: Doping - VIDEO - 14 April 2016
    "This news word tells you about a hidden practice. Watch as your hosts explain what it means."



  • If Gyms Were Honest - Honest Ads
    "Gyms: They're the only way you can get fit, aside from all the other ways, and the only place you can get juice, aside from lots of others."


  • Hockey Fans Throw Teddy Bears at Players - Text + Audio + Video - 24 December 2015
    "It is exciting enough to score a goal in a hockey game.
    But it is another thing to trigger a cascade of 28,000 teddy bears from the stands onto the ice.
    The toss is a tradition for Canadian minor league hockey teams like the Hitmen.
    All the bears are collected and donated to charity."


  • The Lexus Hoverboard: It's here

    The Lexus Hoverboard: The Story
    "The wait is over. As our legendary Takumi craftsmen say “the difficult takes time; the impossible just takes a little longer”.
    The Lexus Hoverboard represents true innovation and imagination, together pushing the boundaries of technology even further."




  • TALK2US: Phrasal Verbs About Sports and Activities - VIDEO
    "Caty and Ashley talk about "getting into" cycling and "trying out for" a team.
    You can get a good language "work out" by watching their video."


  • Runners Live Longer and Have Less Disease - VIDEO - 16 June 2015
    "While all exercise is good, it seems running might be better. Running is hard on the body.
    But a recent study claims that runners live longer than those who do not run."


  • Jetman: Flying is 'the greatest feeling of freedom' - 24 April 2015 
    "Swiss pilot Yves Rossy, also known as Jetman, has told BBC Click about what it is like to take to the skies.
    Mr Rossy has previously flown around Mount Fuji, over the Grand Canyon and in formation with jets."



  • Top 10 Most Adrenaline Pumping Hiking Trails and Bridges
    10. Trift Bridge, Switzerland
    9. Heaven's Gate + Big Gate Road + Glass Skywalk Trail, China
    8. Ha'iku Stairs, Hawaii
    7. Yosemite's Half Dome, USA
    6. Keshwa Chaca, Peru
    5. Hussaini Bridge, Pakistan
    4. Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: Stairs of Death, Peru
    3. Angels Landing, USA
    2. El Caminito del Rey, Spain
    1. Hua Shan Trail, China



  • Fit Kids Have Better Test Scores - a video
    "Being fit is not just good for your body. It may also help you in the classroom. Read more about how being active can help children learn."



  • Barkley 100 - 22'32
    "This documentary tells the story of one of the world’s most difficult and bizarre sporting events: The Barkley Marathons.
    This 100-mile footrace and its 60-hour time limit force athletes to run, crawl and climb an elevation gain equivalent to two treks up Mt. Everest.
    In nearly thirty years, only fourteen runners, out of over one thousand participants, have finished The Barkley."



  • Rise and Swim (Welcome to the Grind)
    "Inspirational Swimming Video Featuring Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Ian Thorpe, Cesar Cielo, Alain Bernard, James Magnusson, Nathan Adrian..."

    + SCRIPT below the video on YouTube


  • OREO - Whisper Fight
    "When grown men whisper-fight about OREO cookies in a library, everyone wins..."



  • FINALS Red Bull Rampage 2012 - Highest level of Mountain Biking
    "Freeride mountain biking crowned a new king as Canadian Kurt Sorge took the top spot in Red Bull Rampage 2012.
    France's Antoine Bizet took second and Utah local Logan Binggeli came in third in a thrilling contest that saw huge jumps and flips all over the steep cliffs of Virgin, Utah."




  • New extreme sport of Flyboarding takes off in Australia
    "Daring extreme sports enthusiast shows off the Flyboard, a combination of a jet ski and a jet pack, in the waters off Australia's Gold Coast."


    "Franky Zapata's invention, the Flyboard, is part jet pack and part jet ski. Riders can climb as high as ten meters above the water, then dive under it. It's controlled with streams of water from the hands and feet. But that fun will cost you $12,000 per unit."

  • Otter Pups Swim Lesson
    Vocabulary : to swim, to float, to dive, to move underwater, confident, to dry off, to stay warm, a dip in the pool, the den, to nap, rest


  • Nike : The Chosen
    "A week ago, Nike launched their new campaign called ‘The Chosen’.
    The campaign is launched via social media and shows the very first ‘Just Do It’ campaign in the fast growing Nike action sports category,
    which includes snowboarding, surfing and BMX."



  • Nike : Better World
    "The new commercial for Nike is made out of 100% recycled material from other ads. So no extra footage was shot to make this one. And you have to admit, it’s pretty good. A two minute homage to sport, some inspiring stuff!"

    (Creative Criminals)


  • Nike : Throwdown
    "In the latest commercial for Nike’s Free Yourself ad campaign, they have created a street battle type spot that features everyone from Break Dancers to Double Dutchers, Rugby Players to B-Ballers and Weight Lifters to Runners.
    In an attempt to out do each other, the spot results in some awe inspiring displays of athletic ability and skill."


  • Moab Swinglines (YouTube)
    "These daredevils in Moab, Utah, are swinging across a canyon using what they call a “swingline”." 


    Moab, Utah » The Adventure Playground of the West

  • Adidas - Winning is Easy
    "The story is about a boy who perseveres through physical abuse from an alcoholic father, growing up to be as aspiring Olympian in track and field. His interest in running is sparked by a chance discovery of an abandoned pair of Adidas running shoes."




  • Are Sports Bad for Children? - with subtitles - You can hear the line slowed down.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Description: Children should learn that winning is not everything.



  • Gnarcade
    "A video game invasion has hit Mt Hood and High Cascade! Check out Scott Stevens, Micah Hollinger, Chris Beresford, Tim Eddy, Ben Bogart, and Casey Wrightsman as they live life like it's one big game." 





  • A Healthy Lifestyle: Exercise - Video Snapshot
    "Watch this video clip on the topic of health and exercise, and then answer the (interactive) questions based on what you see and hear."

    + Discussion Question
    See A Healthy Lifestyle

  • Winter Camping - Video Snapshot
    "Watch this video clip and answer the (interactive) questions based on what you see and hear."

    + Discussion Question

  • Don't be a Gary - Resolve
    - with a worksheet by Corinne Degezelle (Ac. Reims) - Niveau 4ème
    - with a worksheet by Patricia Saez (Ac. Montpellier) - Niveau 2nde
    - with the script sent by Christian ROBERT (Ac. Dijon)





    • Jump sung by Madonna (YouTube) + the LYRICS :
      "The more that I wait, the more time that I waste...
      I'll work and I'll fight, Till I find a place of my own...
      And life's gonna drop you down like the limbs of a tree
      It sways and it swings and it bends until it makes you see"







  • Olympics by Bozzetto - a FLASH animation