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  • 30 Sports Idioms
    "This post lists and defines terms derived from two or more distinct sports that by extension serve as idioms in other realms of endeavor outside athletics.
    (The original meaning is provided in parentheses.)"


  • English in a Minute: The Ball Is In Your Court - VIDEO
    "American English has a lot of sports-related idioms. This idiom comes from tennis. What should you do if the ball is your court?
    Find out in this week's episode of EIM!"

  • Cinderella in Sports? You Bet! - Text + Audio + Pictures - 22 October 2016
    "The story of Cinderella tells about a poor girl who marries a prince.
    But did you know that in American English a “Cinderella story” has more to do with big, sweaty men than beautiful princesses?
    Read on to find out “Cinderella story” means."


  • 55 Boxing Idioms
    "Despite the waning popularity of pugilism, or the sweet science, as boxing is also called, the sport has contributed a number of colorful words, phrases, and expressions out of proportion to its current stature among athletic endeavors.
    Here is a list of idioms that originated in boxing and were subsequently extended to the world outside the square ring."

  • Words and Their Stories: Boxing Expressions - Text + Audio
    "The sport of boxing gave us famous competitors like Muhammad Ali. It also gave us many expressions that have become frequently used
    in American English. Learn everyday expressions like "go the distance" and "throw in the towel" that come from the sport of boxing."



  • Idioms "are also used in everyday speech.
    Have a look at this popular feature from the past that focuses solely on a number of popular sports idioms used in American English"
  • Jeopardy by Skyclad :
    "In jeopardy - welcome to the lion's den, 
    We skate on thin ice - dice with death" 
    (to put your head in the lion's den)