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  • The Power of Music (

    • Entertainment isn't the whole story
    • Physical and mental effects
    • Emotional effects
    • Altered states of consciousness
    • The expansion of meaning
    • The healing powers of music

  • The Power of Music by Michael Card (pdf)
    "Socrates once said, "when the soul hears music, it drops its' best guard." That, for me, is one of the best descriptions of the power that music has. With music it is possible to open a door in the heart of the listener. Once inside, the musician can either beautify the interior of that soul, or desecrate that most holy of places. Often if you can get someone to sing something, you can get them to believe it. This has been used both for good as well evil throughout history. All this is to say that music is a powerful key."
  • The power of music - LA Phil: its impact on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people
    - by Susan Hallam, Institute of Education, University of London (pdf)
  • L'histgeobox
    - "Site fait par des professeurs d'histoire géographie. Ils mettent en lien des faits historiques avec des chansons."
    (Isabelle D., Ac. Versailles)


  • The British Music Experience "is a registered not-for-profit charity with the purpose of advancing the education and appreciation of the art, history and science of music in Britain.
    The 16,000+ sq ft art deco palace of the Cunard Building will be the new home for the BME. Scroll through this gallery to see images from the 5 year run in London. "

  • Rock and Roll: An American Story "is divided into separate Books, each focusing on a different era of American popular music. Within each Book are a series of media-rich Chapters and Lessons. Click on Chapters and Lessons below to view a table of contents for each Book."
  • Music Played in the 1980's Popular Music From the 80s
    "Music in the 1980s was all about image and with the advent and popularity of MTV, the images that accompanied artists became more important than ever. When it came to music during the decade, nothing was understated, not the sound, not the fashion, not even the charity. The 1980s reflected the beginning of a period of great income disparity and a focus on affluence was reflected in the music. There were also several new genres that popped up including, Hip Hop, New Wave and Hair Metal, all of which have influenced music today."

  • Music as a language - Victor Wooten
    "Music is a powerful communication tool--it causes us to laugh, cry, think and question. Bassist and five-time Grammy winner, Victor Wooten, asks us to approach music the same way we learn verbal language--by embracing mistakes and playing as often as possible."

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The Power of Music by Oskar Kokoschka