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(Updated on 13/05/2016)



  • The A-Z of Glastonbury Festival 2015: From Arcadia to Zombies - Article + Photos - 25 June 2015
    "The Glastonbury Festival, which takes place this weekend, is unlike any other festival in the world.
    Where else could you find the biggest pop, rock and rap stars rubbing shoulders with Brazilian bossa nova legends,
    Nobel peace prize winners, film directors, politicians, punk ballet dancers, Russian dissidents and a giant fire-breathing rave spider?
    They are some of the 26 essential things to look and listen out for this year."


  • Pop music marked by three revolutions in 50 years
    "The evolution of western pop music, spanning from 1960 to 2010, has been analysed by scientists."


  • DJ Earworm Mashup - United State of Pop 2014 (Do What You Wanna Do)
    "DJ Earworm has delivered his annual mashup of the past year’s biggest pop hits, skillfully blended into one memorable song.
    Yes, some of your favorites might be missing, because this is based on the top 25 songs according to Billboard's weekly Hot 100 charts....
    The songs are listed at the YouTube page."



  • British Pop Music :
    Banghra - BritPop - Garage - Glam Rock (aka Glitter Rock) - Goth - Grunge - Hip Hop - Indie - Madchester - Mods - Northern Soul - Punk - Rockers - Ska - Soca - Techno - UK Garage - Learning English through Pop Music -
    Interesting British Bands